My trip to Lofoten, Norway part 3

2년 전


Hello! In part 3 of this traveling series I'll talk about my journey in Lofoten, this time on the mainland. We decided to sleep on three different places during our trip there because we wanted to discover most of Lofoten. Last time I talked about my trip to Værøy and from Værøy we took the ferry over to a town called "Å". And that's where our journey began.
We arrived at "Å" very late so we just slept on a small hotel that night. The next day we decided to go hiking. We decided to try to walk to the top of the mountain "Himmeltinden" It is the tallest mountain on the island. We began our trip down at the beach, and we began walking up the hill. From 1000 meters above the sea we had an amazing view.
The next day we decided to find somewhere to set up our tents, we chose a beach called Kvalvika beach. We had to walk for like 1 hour to get there and we spent the day just relaxing. When we woke up we began walking up to a mountain called Ryten, above the beach. Its famous for the rock sticking out of the mountain. It was quite scary to sit there, 500 meters above the sea which you can see below your feet. But it was worth it, the view was stunning!
The last day on our trip we went to a small town called Sørvågen. We wanted to sleep in a more luxorious place after several nights in tents. We decided to sleeo in an old fishermans hut down by the sea. It was very modern and most importantly, the shower was amazing. Enjoy the pictures!

Thank you for reading!


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This is really amazing... and it looks scary :)) but beautiful!


Thank you and haha yeah it was a bit scary :))

Kjempefine turbilder! Har selv teltet i Kvalvika, utrolig spennende sted! 😊


Så kult! Ja var veldig fint der :)

Utrolig fine bilder! I was there at Kvalvika last summer, what an amazing place. Lofoten is like another planet!


Yeah it's really stunning, While being there it was hard to actually believe that I was there haha.


I know what you mean. When you look around it's like wow, is this really a real place? Haha

Beautiful views! Thank you for sharing.

What for a great landscape .. and great photo footage. Well done!


On the second view it reminds me of the Irish coast line, which I fell in love with, so I guess I have to visit Norway one day :). And the view from the hotel is just perfect!


Thank you so much! and you should visit Norway! ;) I recommend the northern part and the western part of Norway, I'll guarantee that you'll feel like you're in a movie set or something ;)


I can imagine :). Looks a bit of Game of Thrones alright :). Many thanks for your recommendations, which I will keep in mind.

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Altså, wow!!!! Jeg skal bruke innleggene dine som turguide til Lofoten i sommer :)


Så kult! Bare å spørre om du lurer på noe mer, hjelper deg gjerne :))

Pls follow me. :)

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