Our cabin on the top of a mountain

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Hello again! I just wanted share something with you guys today, because after a stressful week with school I just wish I could be somewhere quiet, more specifically in my cabin. And for some that may sound weird, but Norwegian cabins are really popular here! Most Norwegians have a cabin out in the countryside, I guess the love for nature lies in the Norwegian genes haha. The second after the weekends and the holidays begins, Norwegians are trying to get to their cabin as fast as possible, which results in traffic jams each year.
I want to show you my cabin and maybe you'll understand why Norwgians love their cabins, enjoy!
So yeah that's my cabin! I love not just the cabin, but also the location, as you can see and will see in the next pictures, it's really remote. It's really quiet and the nature is totally undisturbed so it's pretty there as well. We mostly do not meet other hikers, but it has happend haha.
Our cabin is located on a mountain in the middle of Norway and therefore not far from our house, so we drive for like 2 hours and then we have to walk for a few hours. In the winter however we're skiing instead of walking.
So here's a pic of us on our way up to the mountain.
And of course, our dog is with us. As you probably can see, she loves snow haha
When we get our cabin we mostly relax, but going new hikes is refreshing and relaxing as well, so we don't usually spend all of our time inside of the cabin. Me and my sister loves making snow caves in the deep snow and we usually make quite big snow caves haha.
The cabin is really small and not luxorious at all, but honestly I feel like that's the charming part about cabins, and most Norwegian like having simple cabins. We Norwegians often use the word "Hyttekos" to describe the cosy feeling of bonding time with family and relaxing without having anything to stress about in our cabins. Nights with "Hyttekos" are often nights with a lot of board games and delicious food.
The rest of the time on our cabin we just go on small trips and have fun, there is also a lake nearby where we fish through the Ice. Here are some more pictures! :)


Thank you for reading!
- Torbjørn

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The snow cave picture is sooo cool :D cute dog




Thanks haha, yeah it was pretty cool to just sit and relax in the cave looking at the beautiful landscape :)

Our cabin on the top of a mountain... So nice capture seen talented photographer .
Yes i raed ur article.
U welcome


Thank you so much!


Ur welcome

Great post, buddy. Thank to vote me up before...


Thank you and you're welcome! :)

Thats awesome! We kind of have the exact same mentality in the states (at least around Minnesota where most scandinavians moved to) of having a simple cabin, except ours are usually cramped around a lake, this looks way better as theres no one else but you.

How do you heat it in winter? Have to haul a bunch of wood in with you every time?


Ah cool! And yeah well that's a problem since there isn't any trees there. But it is accessible with snowmobiles so we usually bring firewood with us on the snowmobile a few times a year so that it's ready for us when we get there when we're skiing.

Awesome! I dream of having a lil Cabin like that someday to retreat and spend some quality time alone or with one or a few partners.


yeah I can recommend it :)

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Good nature of mountain @torbjorns

Så flott, kjempefine bilder og flott beskrivelse av hytteliv og friluftsliv, tusen takk for at du deler dette med oss😀❄️❄️👍🏻


tusen takk! :)

Drømmested ser det ut som! Veldig fine bilder! Jeg elsker små og primitive hytter, det er de som gir den beste hyttekosen😊


Ja er virkelig et drømmested, for meg ivertfall :) Ja for meg skal ikke en ordentlig norsk hytte være et stort moderne hus ;)

Awesome post! I love all of the pictures. Makes me wish I had a cabin on top of a mountain. Absolutely beautiful!