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Maybe you're not familiar to it or maybe you do it every day in the winter, however it is one of my favorite things to do, I'm talking about skiing. And I'm not the only one who likes it, throughout the history skiing has been an important mode of transport in Norway, because skis allowed fast movement in the snowy landscape here. Today however skiing is still popular, but now in the Olympics recently and as a way to get out into the woods and get some exercise.
Every winter I go skiing and today I'll show you how a typical Norwegian skiing trip looks like, enjoy! :)
Two days ago the thermometer showed a mind blowing -21 degrees Celsius, and even in Norway this is extreme where I live. But the sun was shining and why not go outside? So me and my friend decided to put on our skis and start walking from my house.
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We decided to go outside of the most popular skiing areas to be alone and enjoy the untouched nature. The weather was so good, but yeah it was really cold hehe, but as long as we were in activity we kept warm.
We started walking from the sea level and we wanted to get up to the mountains, so we had to walk up some pretty steep hills, but it was fine. It made us however exhausted so we decided to find a spot for our bonfire when we came up to the mountain. And that's maybe a "Norwegian" thing to do. Because in Norway we have something called "Allemannsretten" which translates into "All mans right" and what that basically means is that the nature in Norway is for everyone to enjoy. You won't see a sign in the woods saying "No camping" or "Private". So me and my friend could just go wherever we wanted to and make a bonfire wherever we wanted to, lovely :).
So eventually we found a nice and just started collecting firewood from the trees around us, and bam we had our own bonfire. We brought hot dogs and sandwiches with us, and grilled them on the bonfire, and nothing tastes better than a hot dog grilled on a bonfire up in the Norwegian mountains ;)
After a while the sun started going down, and we had to do the same. We packed our stuff and put out the fire. And now the part of the trip we had been looking forward to the most was near, skiing down all the slopes, and nothing is more fun. Of course we are not professional skiers, sooo we fell some times, but the snow was soft and the trip was overall a very good experience. So yeah that is what a Norwegian skiing trip looks like! Maybe it looks fun or maybe not? however let me know if you like skiing or if you have ever tried it in the comments! ;)

Thank you for reading!


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Amazing view! Thanks for sharing ;)

Ser nydelig ut! Beklager jeg ikke har fått med meg denne posten før nå, ikke lett å få med seg alt alltid, men fortjener absolutt en stemme og en kommentar. Du tar både fine bilder og skriver godt! :) Helen


Det går veldig fint! Er kanskje ikke så lett å få med seg postene mine når jeg legger ut så sjeldent, har vært helt ufattelig mye å gjøre på skolen i det siste, å velge alle realfagene ble kanskje litt mye hehe :D Skal prøve å få lagt ut mer i påska så du får sikkert flere sjanser til å se postene mine, uansett tusen hjertelig takk! :)


Ja, og så må man kanskje følge med feeden sin flere ganger daglig for å ikke gå glipp av noe. Jeg prøver å gå inn på de jeg følger direkte en gang i blant for å se om det har hendt noe sist da, men ikke alltid jeg husker det. Skjønner det må være travelt med alle realfagene, håper det går bra for deg og at det blir godt med velfortjent påskeferie! Ser frem til flere innlegg :)

it was inspiring...thanks

That fire looks great! Need to visit Norway...

Nice story and pictures. Especially the camp fire picture I liked the most :)

great winter pics!