stressful week

2년 전

Hello everyone! I shouldn't be writing this post right now because I have soo much to do, but I needed a break haha ;). As some of you know I'm still in high school and it's not exactly relaxing.
I have always loved math, science biology and all those other subjects, and I've always done great at school so last year I chose all the idk "Science related" classes. So I have the hardest math possible to choose, biology, chemistry, physics and all the other classes like Norwegian and stuff.
The problem however is the time. these classes are not easy at all, It takes a lot of time, not just working at school, but also at home. I must admit that I've been thinking " Is this really worth it Torbjørn?" haha but yeah I think it is.
I've always had high ambitions in life and I want to get a good job and most importantly a job that I like.
But back to the time problem haha, you might notice in the future that there won't be coming posts in a week or two and that's because my teachers are world champions at giving me tests at the same time..ugh haha.
So next week I have a physics and chemistry report to hand in, a math test, a norwegian essay and of course a f***ing history test haha.
So yeah I feel like my week is overbooked, I just miss the summer when I actually had time to go outside: I better get my work done now so see you later, I think I'm going to do a " A day in my life" soon, here's a throwback to last summer ;)

Thank you for reading!


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Lykke til med alt skolearbeidet! :)


Takk for det! :)

Hi torbjorns
Thanks for upvoting my flowers post and have nice day.
Nice strawberries thanks for sharing.


Thank you! :) Have a nice day yourself!


You are very welcome.

Tests are part of life! I just finished my MBA and relieved from submission and tests! But then I realized now I have test again and that is to prove myself!

A lot of fun ..
May you succeed always in steemian ..@torbjorns

nice osm photo

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