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Hello again, today I wanted to share something more to show you guys who I am and where I come from. I'l mostly talk about where I live and of course there will be plenty of pictures :) Enjoy!
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So first things first, I grew up far north in Norway, outside of a quite big city called Tromsø. We loved it there and the landscape was amazing there, but there was some negative consequences of living there, all of our family lived further south in Norway and many of my parents friends as well. We eventually decided to move to Namsos, we don't really know why we ended up here, but it was in the middle of Norway so I guess it was practical haha. And yes that's our house, very red and Norwegian haha.
As I said, the scenery in Northern Norway was amazing, but we also decided to live outside of the city here so I can't complain on the views, maybe I'm just too used to the beautiful nature here like most Norwegians haha. Anyways, we love the benefits of living outside of the city, we can just put on our skii outside of our house and start walking, and we have the sea right below our house, so we can just use our boat whenever we want to. This is from a skiing trip with my friend and a boat trip last summer. :)
In the wintertime we often go skiing, and in the summer we're mostly swimming in a lake 1 minute away from our house, sometimes that lake is frozen during the winter so we can go ice skating, that's really fun! :) We do a lot more as well, enjoy the pictures! :)
3513C190-6814-4BD1-B703-52765498FC25.JPGBBCD8DCD-EC69-4A5B-B588-52C9C6377481.JPGImage 31.JPG07CC3C91-06EB-46CB-9B24-267E5F391488.JPG8AA8DE11-5397-496F-A37B-586E60D886AC.JPG5DB078C0-4BE8-40FB-BCDD-AEFA9112BB79.JPGA35C62BC-D655-4A4A-B057-7FE944C5F700.JPG

Thank you for reading!


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nice photos! Nice to learn about Norway!


thank you so much, glad you liked it! :)

Veldig bra! upvoted for Norge


Tusen takk! :)

Flotte bilder av fin natur! Du er heldig som har vokst opp i slike fine omgivelser! 😊


Tusen takk! Ja, jeg hadde ikke valgt et annet sted å vokse opp om jeg kunne :)

A beautiful home place ^_^


Thank you! :)

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Beautiful place following you to see more!