Not BTSbots update! Working Bots! Expect Public access soon!

3년 전

NOTICE: We are having a little trouble with SSL configuration. Our network guru's are working hard to get it to deploy. It may take a while to get it to work. If it can not be fixed by tomorrow we will still release to public. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After spending five days, 3 VM's and over fifteen cups of coffee, my team and I have finally get NotBTSbot to work. I will release it to the public after couple more stability testing. Expect it to be out by tonight.

However, I also have some bad news:

  • I had stated that i will release a guide on how to run your own botlegged version btsbots, I do plan to honor that statement, but it might take a while, as it is way, way, way more complicated then what I have in mind when I begin this project. (In case you are wondering, the prerequisites are 1. Know how to set up full node. 2. Know bash. 3. Know python. 4. Know wss and sockets 5. Know JavaScript 6. Know firewall configuration in Unix ) I thought it was a simple recompilation and some minor modification, but its difficulty far exceeded what I thought it would be.
  • BTSbots require a full(10GB ram) node to run, and it is something that is very costly to maintain. I am just a regular member of the community just like you. This project does not have any worker proposal or witness backing it and all the cost comes from my pockets. I will need some way to cover the cost in upkeeping the servers, or this service will not last very long. I have not consider how to cover the expenses, but just the past five days in hosting had cost me over $70 USD .

But other then that :
Here is a picture:
Some final syncing needed, as it is only been up for an hour. But i have confirmed that everything is working! I still need to do external port configuration, firewall, SSL, etc.......... to get it open to public.

Also as requested my bitshare account is trader1000, and special thanks to traderkevin25 (50.00 USD) and @apiekarczyk (4.118 SBD)for donations.

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Hi @aperson, i just sent you some SBD for this project, not so many but maybe it'll be inspiring for others :)



Exciting! I must stay up until launch. Haha. Maybe post a header on the website for your bitshares account so we can transfer BTS to it to help with the costs. I can only assume everyone will be willing to chip in a share. Nice work @aperson


Ok, updated my post with my bitshare account.


Awesome! Time to spread the word.

Consider submitting this work on and get the funding you need.

Thanks for you great work. Just 15 cups of coffee? Welcome to one day in my life. lol

We really appreciate your hard work. I have a strong belief that the community will come together and support you in this endeavor. This bot trading allows us to add a lot of liquidity to the Bitshares market. One person estimated that 44% of the volumes flowed through BTS bots.

Hey it’s me Liquidity... can’t login anymore to access chat.


You might need to re login, I have database and restarted the server. It should now be faster, and bots are more responsive.

With a full node up, how much more difficult would it be to configure as a witness?
If people running BTSbots were really close to 40% of bitshares volume, I think that votes from most users of the new service should be enough to get you in the top 20 witnesses.


That could be true. Don't forget though it is easy to take a small account and turn it over many times a day. This could mean that people with a low percentage of holdings are responsible for a large percentage of the volume. Also due to security concerns, people who bot trade hopefully do so in a separate account from there main account, so it may be hard to know their true holdings.


That's a valid point, but they could set their main account as proxy for their bot accounts and then vote from the main account.

Absolutely right about the difference between trading volume and overall holdings. I turned my whole account value over many times a day when I was using the bot.

I hope their combined votes would still get the witness high in the rankings, especially if they make posts explaining why they support the witness and get non-trading users to support the witness too.


If I can get to become a witness, the cost of running the bots would definitely be no problem for me would definitely be no problem for me. As of right now, this project is 100% hobby for me and my team, and our motivation was to preserve btsbot. Our project started when alt says that he is shutting down btsbot. Our initial plan was to host that using a in-house sever Apache running at our University Residence hall, and it would cost little or nothing to do. But as we spend more time on the project, we found out it is not as simple as it looks. We have to rewrite several libraries, migrate to cloud due to inadequate computing resources, and then making sure it would work when we release it.

But we are all now every happy that our site is live!


You should try nginx , in the future , instead of very hard on memory...over time it will get sluggish.. Good work , congratz.


We already switch to nginx, it is just the site is in badly of a rewrite. We are working on a major overhaul of the system, and UI. We plan to new version up and running around January.

It is understandable if it launches with bugs, or has some issues. We are ok with you still working out the bugs for a while.

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