introduce myself

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hello steemers,
i am mahmud umaru (a.k.a dkinx),i knew about crypto for over 3 years now ,but i was really young and didnt gwt the chance to enter until april this year, when i hit 18.
i started with a couple of coins,becaus i like diversifying ,but i get burned hard on pivx.
it actually takes a whole to get usee to things in the crypto world. i am following alot of great crypto minds both in twitter and in yobit. and i am in the famous facebook group before it became private,so i was kinda lucky.
i am a medical student in russia ,first year.
this is my short introduction and i look forward to onteracting witj you all.
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good to know about u....i m also a crypto trader,,.....u can check for best crypto knowledge n signals


thanks bro

Welcome here!!!




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