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Hey Derrick, thanks for making this video. When you said get out there and do something it inspired me to make a short video stating I am a US citizen and I am against the war in Syria. My thoughts are if we can get 100's of thousands of people to make a 30 second video stating that they are a US citizen against the war in Syria and post it to social media we can reignite the anti-war movement as well as letting others know that they aren't alone. It will also let the rest of the world that the US government does not represent the will of the people.

I would love it if you could help me by making your own short video explaining the goal and stating your against the war. I do not want credit as I want this to be a decentralized movement and not centralized around one person or group. here is the link to my video as a reference.!/v/ttanarcy/izmlkuus.

Thanks for doing all that you do brother.