THE CREED OF LIFE - Naija Pidgin Challenge #3

4년 전
in npc

Thank madam @ogoowinner for this oppurtunity we you don give me to personalize better and positive thing for myself

na my ogbonke translation be this

I believe sey everybody don reach to hear and love each other

I believe say every one na de same, nobody better pass another person at all

I believe sey this world big reach to contain we all

I believe sey everyone na king for him own side

I believe sey everybody dey unique

I believe sey everybody get him ganja and purewater side inside body. Me go make sure say the ganja side no show

I believe say where person come from, where him de worship and him position for society, dem just carry am for front to carry repress for society. As i de so, i go be human being first and i no go allow, tribe, religion or class determine how i go treat people

I go treat people the way i want make them treat me

I no go carry people based on who them be now, but wetin and where dem go be later in life

I no go put hand for business or anything wey go put dirt for person face

I go make sure sey i understand other people

I no go allow bad belle control me at all at all

Before i leave this world, i go do big and better better thing keep for ground

I no go allow negativity weak me

I no go allow fear-fear catch cos fear fear man no de drive motor

Me no go allow bad things flow for inside my mind, but i go make sure say better things go de

I go make sure sey i live original life

I no sey if i put my mind do something, better go comot from inside

I no go allow person carry me run anyhow race, i no get that time, i go do my things slow and steadily make i for see results

I believe sey we suppose live peaceful life

I believe say, if we get pass another person, we for de give

I no believe sey we suppose to the carry other people for mind

I believe sey we suppose love other people like ourselves

I believe sey we suppose get mercy give others

I believe sey person no suppose do another person bad waka without justifiable reward

I believe as we de live so for this world

I don gree for myself sey i go enjoy this life wey i de live so, no be to come waka pass like tree

I Patience Friday Aniekan don gree to follow this creed until when my time reach to leave this world

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