#NSFWChallenge Week 5: 'Videos' [Free topic] - [Win ALL SBD this post earns] / Winners week 4!

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Hi, guys! Welcome to NSFW Challenge Week 5! We thought this would be a great opportunity to support NSFW Steemit community, offering enticing rewards and a chance for promoted your original content.

My boyfriend and I were thinking about to make a nsfw contests. We're very happy and exciting for all new nsfw content on Steemit, it's very good and we hope keep up growing.

Well, we want dirty fun. So, we have created #NSFWChallenge.

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Week 3, we got 4 incredible entries. ENJOY!

@joey-fancyNature nudity #NSFWChallenge WEEK 4
@muksihsMy entry for #NSFWChallenge Week 4: 'Nature nudity' [Photo]
@marysweetNSFWChallenge Week 4: Nature Nudity
@pupmisfit#NSFWChallenge Week 4: 'Nature nudity'


Congrats @marysweet & @joey-fancy!
Yesterday we're talking to @bitfook and @misscassy. We agreed to choose you as winners for this challenge.
Thank you for your amazing participations! 💞

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#NSFWChallenge week 5: Videos.
On dlive or dtube. (Dporn is temporarily down for changes)
Running time (minutes): Min 3 - Max 10.
Topic is free, so we hope you let your imagination fly!


  1. Upvoted this post. Resteem is optional.
  2. Don't forget include to title your post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 5.
  3. Upload your video on dlive or dtube. You choose. Running time (minutes): Min 3 - Max 10.
  4. Put your entry's link in a comment for everyone check out. (This is very important)
  5. Only one entry for account.
  6. Video must be yours, material downloaded from the internet is not allowed. We want only original content.
  7. Add #NSFWChallenge tag in the description of your post (On dlive.io or d.tube) please: Don't modify your entry on Steemit to add tags.
  8. Judges for the week 5: Winners week 4 @marysweet, @joey-fancy, my bf @h4des and I. Winners of each week will be a judge of next challenge instead of participating.
  9. Verified account
  10. Winning video will be that makes us more horny.


You have from now until next Saturday, May 4 at 11:59 pm - GMT -4:30. To make your post.


ALL the SBD rewards this post makes for two winners! For example:



Winners will be announced on next Monday: 07/05/2018 into the post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 6.

Thank you @fucktime & @dporn for all support.

You're the best!

We hope your entries for week 5
🧡🧡🧡 Thank you all! 🧡🧡🧡

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As always @persefone you do awesome challenges.

Wow, thank you very very much!!!


Thanks!! :D


Congrats :)
I liked your special pose!


Thanks!! :D

Thanks for the win!! :) <3


Congrats, bella! ♥




Congrats Mary :)


Thanks very very much!!
You had an pretty sweet picture yourself!!

would something like this be allowed ? skip to around 4:20 if your not familiar with big lenny


haha. love it. the song at 5:08 is ridiculously funny.


lol I wish I could take credit for this song as well but it's an Adam Sandler classic

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