#NSFWChallenge Week 7: 'Unusual Places' [Photo] - [Win ALL SBD this post earns] / Winners week 6!

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Hi, guys! Welcome to NSFW Challenge Week 7! We thought this would be a great opportunity to support NSFW Steemit community, offering enticing rewards and a chance for promoted your original content.

Well, we want dirty fun. So, we have created #NSFWChallenge.

All entries.jpg

@misscassyNSFW Challenge - Week 6 - lovely pink heels
@sexyvenezolana#NSFWChallenge WEEK 6.
@n0game"Lovely Pink" - #NSFWChallenge WEEK 6
@o0pepper0o"LOVELY PINK" #NSFWChallenge WEEK 6
@themistressNSFW Challenge - Week 6 - lovely pink


Wow, this week has been very difficult to choose winners.
Congrats @misscassy & @themistress
Thank you for your amazing participations! 💙


💙 @misscassy 💙


💙 @themistress 💙


#NSFWChallenge week 6: 'Unusual Places' (Photo)

(GREAT suggestion topic for week 7, @pupmisfit 💙 Thanks! This will be fun)


  1. Upvoted this post. Resteem is optional.
  2. Don't forget include to title your post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 7.
  3. Submit your pic: 'Unusual Place'. You can use your cellphone or camera. You choose!
  4. Put your entry's link in a comment for everyone check out.
  5. Only one entry for account.
  6. Pic must be yours, material downloaded from the internet is not allowed. We want only original content.
  7. Use "#NSFWChallenge" tag so we can locate all entries.
  8. Judges for the week 7: Winners week 6 @themistress, @misscassy, @h4des and I. Winners of each week will be a judge of next challenge instead of participating.
  9. Verified account
  10. Winning pic will be that makes us more horny.


You have from now until next Saturday, May 19 at 11:59 pm - GMT -4:30. To make your post.


ALL the SBD rewards this post makes for two winners (Lady and guy) For example:



Winners will be announced on next Monday: 21/05/2018 into the post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 8.

Thanks @fucktime, @oldtimer & @dporn for all support.

You're the best, guys!

We hope your entries for week 7.
💙💙💙 Thank you all! 💙💙💙

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Just a tip to help you stay within steemit guidelines you should maybe change the Upvote to optional and resteem or maybe follow to maditory for entry. I'm sure your unaware and did not break the Steemit Guidelines on purpose but this contest is breaking the Steemit guidelines. Please learn that you should Not require Upvotes on Contests. You should make the Upvote part optional not required for entry.


This comment is only meant in a positive way to inform and is not intended to be negative.


Hi! Please check the rule number 9. You're welcome to nsfw discord ♥ Greetings!


I don't see you in the nsfw-verified list, have you applied for nsfw verification yet?


I'm not sure what that is and most of my post are normal only sometimes do I post something NSFW

Thank you! I loved the last topic of the contest and I am really happy about the win! (even when I was the only male this time 😂 )
The new topic is awesome again! I‘m excited to see with what ideas people take part :)


Hi! Please check the rule number 9. You're welcome to nsfw discord. Greetings!


I'm already there and verified. I'm not a model, but a photographer, so doing a video would be somewhat pointless.


Don't know why, but I don't see you in the nsfw verified list on discord?


I'm under the curators list

As always these contests are so well planned and done by @persefone great job!


Next shot form this CREEPY art photoshoot. The vision of the Apocalypse after WWIII... at the local abandoned building.



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!



I don't know why, but I don't see you listed in the nsfw-verified list on discord?


If you look to the right list of all users I'm always on top in RED zone :)
Well, I was added to verified even before this verification list even started, and hell knows how damn I can make such verification video being actually a photographer ;D So I don't really care about it


Yeah... I think I see you in that list. Unfortunately the red chosen is low contrast against the background so I'm using the pic icon to match up. :-)

also waiting on my voting power to come back up...


Hi! @axeman! I'm so glad to see you here, really! You work is amazing. Our #Nsfwchallenge has been created for users verified under these conditions https://steemit.com/dporn/@marysweet/20180413t043617106z-instructional-video-nsfw-original-content-creators-verification but I have a idea, I'll talking to you on discord.

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