#NSFWChallenge Week 8: Video on @dporn [Win ALL SBD this post earns] / Winners week 7.

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Hi, guys! Welcome to NSFW Challenge Week 7! We thought this would be a great opportunity to support NSFW Steemit community, offering enticing rewards and a chance for promoted your original content.

Well, we want dirty fun. So, we have created #NSFWChallenge.


Congrats @o0pepper0o & @pupmisfit
Thank you for your amazing participations!

This week we receive five entries but only two were valid, please check the rule number 9.



Challenge week 8.jpg

#NSFWChallenge week 8: Videos on @dporn
Running time (minutes): Min 3 - Max 10.
Topic is free, so we hope you let your imagination fly!


  1. Upvoted / resteem not mandatory but it would be cool.
  2. Don't forget include to title your post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 8.
  3. Upload your video on @dporn.
  4. Put your entry's link in a comment for everyone check out. (This is very important)
  5. Only one entry for account.
  6. Video must be yours, material downloaded from the internet is not allowed. We want only original content.
  7. Add #NSFWChallenge tag in the description of your post (On www.dporn.co) please: Don't modify your entry on Steemit to add tags.
  8. Judges for the week 8: @dporn. Winners week 7: @o0pepper0o, @pupmisfit. @h4des and I. Winners of each week will be a judge of next challenge instead of participating.
  9. Verified account
  10. Winning video will be that makes us more horny.


You have from now until next Saturday, May 26 at 11:59 pm - GMT -4:30. To make your post.


ALL the SBD rewards this post makes for two winners (Lady and guy) For example:

Prize week 7.jpg


Winners will be announced on next Monday: 28/05/2018 into the post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 9.

We hope your entries for week 8.

💓💓 Thank you all! 💓💓

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Great job @o0pepper0o & @pupmisfit and keep up the great work on these nsfwchallenges. I know things seem sort of slow right now ,but it will pick up. Looking forward to this next contest.


Thanks for the encouragement and support. Muksishs and I are trying hard to keep it fresh and interesting.



HORAAY!! and thanks <3


Hi, Lena! I'm so glad to see you here again! Thank you! ♥

Can I make a compilation video? edit: nm, just saw that the deadline passed


We would appreciate that video be created for the challenge ♥ Please check the rule 9. #nsfwchallenge week 9 start today!

I like this competition


Hi guys! 💋 We're a bit late with our link to the challenge but here we are 🤭🔥 https://steemit.com/dpornco/@bitfook/20180522t014709391zdporn