Gif animation step by step (R52_N14_2019)



Something really fascinating in art is to see the process in how an image is created from the sketch to the final version. For me it is something magical to see how the work is built step by step. Steemit has helped me to give the process its due value.

For that reason I leave you the animated gif of how the illustration of Arya Stark was elaborated. For future occasions I would like to see some video, but at the moment the animated gif version is practical, has little weight as a document and shows the steps effectively.


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Hola @abrahmatan Es un gusto ver tus trabajos nuevamente. Veo que esta obra trata de un gif de un dibujo previamente publicado en nTopaz, aunque lo estás presentando de otra manera quisiera aclarar que no debemos repetir nuestros artwork en nTopaz. 💙

Espero seguir viendo tus maravillosos dibujos. También te invito a unirte a nuestro discord =)

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Gracias Smeralda por la indicación! para una futura ocasión no repetiré el post en Ntopaz! Debería eliminarlo de mi perfil en ntopaz? agradecido de tus opiniones y sugerencias. Un fuerte abrazo y feliz noche! :)


Gracias a ti por la receptividad. Pudieras eliminarlo de tu perfil así no queda repetido =)

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Uao!!! Thank you so much for your support! It mean a lot to me. I am going to make high quality post and showing more of my art process. I wish a great day to you! Thanks again!

It looks amazing :) How much time did it take?


Thanks for your positive feedback! :). I am not sure, but I think was 3 hours... The most difficult part was try to make her face as Arya Stark face (the character has a peculiar details).

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Cool animation gif of Arya Stark, about to strike ! :D


Thanks my friend :). I thought to illustrate the scene where Arya mortally attacks one of his adversaries (the night king) and then safely storms on the pavement. A feat that represents the salvation of all.

This is incredible. Keep up the good work.


Thanks my friend! I will update more of my artwork in steemit. Thanks for support and feedback!

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muy bueno


Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Me alegra que haya gustado! :)

Very interesting! Thanks for showing us the process behind your drawings.


I really love the artwork process! It something interesting. In that way everybody can see how it come from. :)

Your illustration have a very unique fingerprint. A lot of artists resemble someone they are inspired by. The sketch, color layering and shading is pretty unique.