[CR] Skywhale

4년 전

I wonder what would it be like if whales are in the sky... Would'nt it be a whole new level of fantasty vibe!!!
I did not made some "creature-designing" on the whale but I think it would look superb if it was done that way XD

Anyway here's the step for this artwork

Step 1: Create the perspective of the image

Step 2: Sketch

Step 3: Plotting another guide for the whale

Step 4: Make some silhouettes

Step 5: Background base color

Step 6: Painting the main whale

Step 7: Painting the supporting whales

Step 8: Painting the ground area

Step 9: Painting the humans

Step 10: And finallyyyyy painting the clouds and birds <3 DONE!

GIF version:

Artworks copyright @adelair - All Rights Reserved

Half of my work for this month is finally done! Horraaaayyyy! Here I come another half!

By the way, anyone interested to watch the video process for the artwork I did the other day, here it is :)

I am also grateful to my friends here on the steem platform, they always support me <3 Thank you guys!
And to those who reach out on discord, some of you may not read this but it's really great to be of help to you hihihi :D

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I gonna say your composition is so good then I checked your art on Steemit to see more pictures, the perspective guides is a great method. Wonderful painting and thank you so much for sharing @adelair

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Thank you so much @livvu <3
I am happy to hear that you checked the process pics too :) thank you very much once again :)
My pleasure to share it with everyone XD


Keep up the great work @adelair I'm happy to see your beautiful art on nTopaz !

It is an incredible drawing dear adelair!
a sky with whales, hmmmm I wonder how the whales being so heavy could fly? but in your imagination you made it possible and that is the good thing of being artisa that the impossible makes it possible in your works.
everyone would want to see a sky like that, it would be great!
Thanks for the help and for always being to the order if there is any doubt.

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Thanks @yanes94 <3
hahahahaha i know right? we'll definitely have a lot of shady areas if this happens for real. But if so, I'd love to ride one ( i know we aren't allowed, it's bad for the animal XD )


hehehehe we must enjoy these things at least in our imagination, I just hope that I do not fall on top of me. XD

Really wonderful, @adelair <3 I love the composition and how you show your painting process is very lovely also !

I hope the skywhales are flying to the moooooon~



Thanks @veryspider <3
hhahahaha if they will, I wanna go with them XD

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Yay love the sky whales! Hopefully a whale splashes a little water on this post in the form of upvote :)


hahaha I love what you did there ;)
Thank you very much @carlgnash <3

Lovely surreal artwork:)


Thank you so much @georgeboya :D

wow thanks for sharing the whole process i think that is the thing I most like about this platform very nice drawing I will definetly follow you :D thanks I learnt a lot also :D


I am glad to hear that you learned a lot from this post :) Thank you very much @kevmdm

Wow, it looks like a movie poster you'd seen on a movie theatre, especially the one with your name in it. Amazing work!


Woooah! It's an honor for me that you've thought of that @rainite
Thank you very much! <3

GOD DAMNIT IT LOOKS AMAZING. My head exploded off with this, it looks like, I mean, it makes no sense but that's why is so amazing, floating whales, awesome idea!!


hahaha Thank you so much @malu-sama XD I know there may be a lot of artworks with sky whales but I wanted to experience it firsthand hahaha maybe you can make one too :D

I love this creative work. It's a fantasy world! Great drawing, Adelair!

I'd like to invite you to participate in My Art Curation Initiative #7


Thaaaaanks @trincowski :)
I also cast my votes for the artists I want to win :)


Many thanks! :-)

As always, another awesome artwork @adelair. Mind blowing imagination matched by your exceptional art. You never fail to amaze your fans. :-)


Thaaaank you so much @bestofph <3 this motivates me to be more active T_T

Beautiful work @adelair! And very nice work showing the steps you took to achieve this art piece. I love how you also show us the usage of the vanishing point and lines as well. :)

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Thaaaanks bleuxwolf :D I'm glad this helped XD


You’re very welcome! It certainly will help many artists out there. Even long time ones such as myself. XD

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Awww....wonderful, creative .. I love "fantasy worlds" :-)

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Have you seen Big Fish and Begonia? It's such a great movie! This picture reminded me of it.

🎉 Congratulations @adelair! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.