Contemplating the Beach

6개월 전

ntopaz-image-0Hello dear friends of Ntopaz and Steemit!

In this photograph I managed to capture the essence of a person who is contemplating the beach and in turn the protagonist of the photo is very relaxed in this beautiful beach environment.

This photograph was captured in the Morrocoy National Park located in the Falcon State in Venezuela and the model is my sister @bharathi22


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Hola @clockworkpriya Bienvenida a nTopaz. Me alegra que te unas al concurso con esta linda foto de tu hermana. Morrocoy es un lugar mágico, personalmente me encantan sus playas 😍

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Espero seguir viendo tus creaciones en nTopaz. Para el concurso puedes subir hasta 3 post. :)

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Me encanta <3

Beautiful photo :D @clockworkpriya