Black and White Piece with Owls


ntopaz-image-0Another Black and White drawing to share:

Here is the entire piece:

As some will recall, I shared this piece this #inktober creating it then. Lately I've been wanting to take this hard work and prepare it for prints and on items. As I have been so busy, this has been a good time to start doing these, as it is a good project to address each morning.

Giving my morning over to studio time seems to be the best way to be productive.

Of course I have always been a morning person, but having been more busy of late, the morning has become all that more important.

With this piece I wanted to add a decorative oval to make it even sharper.


I made sure to have some of her dress trail in front of the oval frame as well as adding a bit more black to the upper left to tie it in more.

Black and White doesn't only give me joy in creation,

but it does make it nicer when I am preparing it to put onto things. And it also loads quicker when dealing with laying out my work to go on housewares and other items.

When I prepare my work for products I have to think about the layout. Sometimes I will simply use it in this form, the single oval I've made here.

You can see it's pretty effective in the single on these things like Tees and stickers and the like.


But I also took it and mirrored it and made an interesting repeat for other things:


I was rather proud of the duffle, as you need to use a special template to get things lined up, but I rather like it on there. And as some people like things large scale as well as repeats such as this, I made sure that a bedspread has it as one large image as well as this duvet you see here, with the repeat pattern.

A simple act of making a mirror image is also quite effective.

This sideboard is an a good example of that.

Of course I also use this double image for things like mugs, so it appears as a single image, but on both sides, though facing two different directions, as I just feel like that is visually more appealing.

I usually do have fun with the graphic design element of these things, but they are very time consuming.

Making the artwork and laying it out all in one day Takes most of that day.

This is why I have been splitting my time between creating one day and then laying out another. We, as artists, need to be good time managers. And it is not always an easy task, but one in which always needs flexibility but some structure too.

Well, I am off to work on some other things now. I did sketch out a bit of a New Singularity painting. I have decided that they will continue and that I might give myself the task of One Singularity or similar "Oil Painting" a month. This will leave less pressure for finishing, but also give more time for black and white and other sketching and watercolour graphics of animals and design I so love.

  • How do you deal with your own un-ending list of creative or other chores?
  • Do you find giving over each day to creation is helpful or a hindrence?

If you feel so inclined please upvote, resteem, and by all means comment below.

My Previous Post: My Black and White Drawing made into a graphic

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You know I love these black and whites. This one looks like the owl escaped her dress because it finds it more comfortable on her arm - well, I know that these are two different types of owls but who cares :) Maybe this owl from the dress transformed on the way to her arm :D Possibilities are endless..

When I have too many things to do I tend to procrastinate. As soon as it's so much that I don't know where to start, there is a block and I spend the rest of the day doing nothing and regretting it in the evening :D I should learn not to do it but it's me and the way I handle such situations.. can't change the nature...

I think the second question is very personal. It depends on each person and the only one who can answer is 'correctly' is YOU :)

Have a good day!


Yes @delishtreats procrastination isn't any fun. I do it as well, for example my website which has been down due to my own procrastination at getting it set back up. That's why using socety6 and the like is so tempting as I don't have to manage it, of course having my own site back up is more important and of course sales though that is more lucrative.

It is just when a task begins to feel so unsurmountable, as taking all my art/design and putting on things AGAIN and then finding the right links to add to the site and all the design of the site and laying out the navigation...It is a lot.

Yes, the second question is sort of personal I guess, no need to answer, but I was curious WHAT people would answer :)

[nTopaz Curator]

Wonderful image once again Donna. So true that artists need to be excellent time managers ~ Especially artists like yourself who have a variety of avenues to traverse in both their art and the reproduction of it.


⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


It is a daily task to try and stay on our own schedules isn't it @allyinspirit? All we can do is but try and try our best, right?

The first thing I noticed was the cool way the dress spills out of the frame. So creative. I love it. And of course, anything with an animal or two messing about, is positively peachy in my book.
As for getting things done, I fear I just don't get to as many as I should. Though I guess I'm never bored. But time management has never been a real forte de extraordinaire in this corner of things. I've just come to live with it, to a point. And get done what has to, and then work from the edges on the other 'stuff'. Though when writing, it can take on a life of its own. Keeping me up for hours and hours and hours into the night. A true joy, once you get into full immersion. Hard to turn off and go to other life chores. Or sleeping and such. Having the clock ticking for the 5 Minute Free Write really helps. And I've always been amazed at folks, like those in the Army commercials, that have razor sharp focus and stay on task through thick and thin. Though I guess that is what I'm doing, when writing. Wow, lots of food for thought here. Well, I need to go to bed. Cheers.


@ddschteinn that is sort of why I left writing on the way side. I used to LOVE to write, stories, journals, novels, you name it. And obviously I did it FOR myself, but when I began to see what it entailed as a job, I thought, well that will never be enough Joy for me to live that life.

I have a friend who is fairly successful at writing. She had her book made into a Netflix series YOU. But, she is always working and going and having to play that 'hollywood' game as well as get all her writing done and gee, I'm tired just thinking about it. And for her success there are 1000's of others working just as hard, but also selling coffee or working retail AND not selling any books.

The internet lately has made a good market for visual artists and I hope it catches up for writers, but I fear reading is slipping to the wayside. When I heard they stopped teaching children to write cursive I thought, well I guess the next step is just stop teaching them to write at all?

Well, that went rather sour, when I didn't mean it to. :/ My point is, I know how hard writing is and I HATE editing, so good to all the writers out there! And you are a good one I LOVE your stories.

You have the type of rhythm in your writing that makes you want to sink into a sort of comfortable past like a wonderful old sweater. The story makes you feel good and hopeful and of course smile and laugh. All those things are such High commodities in this Life.

This is a powerful image especially its full form, those ruffles do a lot. Very good designing!!! And the duffle is really amazing, love it!! I really like a tshirt or tank with this too although for those items i'd prefer them without the oval framing, just the image over the shirt color. Have you listed a way to buy these?


The reason I started using a graphic of a frame or outline is the black tshirt is almost always the most popular and if I don't use a frame around it, it sort of dissapears, but you're right and I could offer it with the design just as is, though it will still need some white around it in some shape to make it appear on the shirt.


These are all in my society6 shop here. I need to put it on the other places as well.

Of course they are all MEANT to be on my site with direct sales through there, but I a still working on that. I might have to either give up on the site or just relaunch with a few pieces to start.


ah yes I wasn't thinking of a black shirt, makes perfect sense. I was thinking of it on a white shirt. I get it, you've thought this through perfectly I see :-)

WOW I do like your color work but this is without a doubt a new favorite of mine


Gee thanks @tattoodjay I've decided on the morning when I know I've not time to make a new thing I can take the time to use a piece created recently and put it out into the world to be sold and/or loved :)


Your creativity and skill with your art is outstanding

It is cute that you made a shadow that balances the lady, and of course the shape of the shadow can be interpreted as her wings :).
So you are a morning person, unlike me. Finally I have found something that we don't have in common hahaha XD.


ha ha @scrawly so true. We are a lot alike. Although, I don't have the comic book knowlege you have. I almost never know the characters you mention but I also love the characters you make up too, so it's all new to me and I love it :)

Yes, I've always been a morning person. It's probably from being raised by old people, they always rise early. I remember staying with my Grandfather, who was practically a Victorian, and he'd get up before sunrise and we'd go for a walk in his amazing garden, learning plant names and seeing what the world was like before the morning dew was gone or the morning frost had melted away.

I'm not good for staying up until 4 am though, so I'm no great party goer because of it :)

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