A new sketch for a Black and White Mermaid

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ntopaz-image-0A bit of my latest sketch

The entire piece thus far:

I love to sketch

and I always do so before I do any of my three favourite types of works which are:

  • My Singularity piece
  • My graphic Animal pieces
  • My Black and White drawings.

This sketch was started with the intent of it becoming a black and white piece. I believe it shall and I will of course share it when it is done or maybe even some of the inking tomorrow.

I used to like to finish my Black and White pieces in one day.

This was made possible by the sketch being done previously and I simply setting up, putting on some music and getting lost in it until it was done; even if that was half a day later.

I have become more and more busy of late,

so getting the sketch laid out and some shading and composition in is all I can do today. I have so many other things to get to.

Now, back to this sketch. I was listening to this song today and had every intention of sketching out a piece based on the song.

However, when I began playing with dresses and dress styles, I sketched out an early 1912 style empire-waisted slim line dress and thought how much I'd love to see a mermaid in this look.

The sleek line and thin skirt of the early 20th century fashion just seemed to fit a mermaid.

As can be the case I might start out with one idea, but find myself simply taking the lead of comes to me as I sketch out. That, I suppose, is my combination of Plan and Spontaneity. Whatever you call it, it has given me this sketched out Mermaid and her octopus familiar.

I think I shall ink her tomorrow.

We shall see.

I am off to my busy day and I hope all of you find a moment to dream and also get to your to-do list. It is always a precarious balance, but one surely worth trying to find.

I'll hopefully 'see' some of you in the comments later so by all means feel free to upvote, resteem, and of course comment.

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Oooh niice!!! great sketch Donna <3

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This is nice! But it looks weird because I never imagine that mermaid will dress like that. hahaha!


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Thanks @catwomanteresa . Yeah I guess 'weird' is my 'normal' ;) I love antique fashion and I just like to imagine fantasy creatures in new ways, it's just how my mind works I guess, glad you like it.

Love her and her sense of fashion :)

It is black & white; it has tentacles. What more can I ask??


Well @nyarlathotep I suppose nothing more :) I'm glad you like it. She'll eventually be one of my black and white inks so she'll look a little different, but yeah I suppose now she is still black (pencil) and white.

Can I please have her dress?


We'll share it @vermillionfox :) I love that transitional stage from like 1905 (which is still very lovely but also still sort of fuller sleeves and gored skirts fuller at the bottom) into the 19teens Before WWI clothes were getting slimmer in the skirt and the waist was going up and it was starting to look almost like 1800 Regency touches then the War and after that of course Women's fashion's have never hit upon that luxe of the Victorian except for the brief period of 1950's with Dior's New Look of cinched in waist and very long full skirts. Another favourite time of mine :)

I like her pose a lot, Donna :) She looks like she's side-eyeing someone as she consults her familiar, the steadfast octopus ! I think the way she's holding her head like that gives her a very interesting ambiance :) Loves how her hair float about her, as well, because little details like this gives hints to her being underwater :D

Very nice picture <3


Well, thanks @veryspider I love to consider things like mermaids in different poses and outfits than we are 'used to' simply because it's fun and I can. I love that about being an artist, it's like being a sort of little God and we can create any creatures we like.

When I ink her the hair will be even more pronounced and will mimick the curl of the octopus tentacles. There will be more as well to give it better balance.

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your creativity to come up with these ideas for sketches always amazes me as does your skillful art