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Hi all. Just a quick creation in Flowscape. I think it came out okay, but I also did a stylized one too. here it is:


A sort of painted effect that I'm not sure actually worked?? Anyway, let me know which one you like best, and why.

Have a great day!

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That's cool. I have never heard of Flowscape before but it looks like it can create some neat things like you've done. Thank you.


Thanks! Yeah, its a really nice game/tool. Not sure how to classify it. Worth checking out for sure, and only 10 bucks on the main site. Been having a lot of fun with it, and got me wanting to try the Unreal Engine system which it is based on, which is free, just really complicated in some areas and very involved.

hmmmmm gotta be the top one

but i love bold colors! you know me. hehehe

the bottom one almost looks like it was left in the sun - you know?
when pictures have that feel - it makes me feel sad! isn't that funny!?!?! but it does.

There used to be this painting at my Grandma's house that was kinda faded. They used those kind of 70s colors. lots of those weird oranges and browns... but almost like... a faded polaroid?

they ALWAYS evoke a very specific emotion in me... almost lonely, forgotten, nostalgic but in a bad way. hehehehe

kinda like a lost time that can't be recovered - not even properly in memories.

so i always like colors to bring life and warmth and depth.

draw me in and make me feel like there is a whole world to discover if i can just push my finger into the canvas (or in your case... screen hehehe)