Desert Rider Concept

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Hi all! Here is a quick image i created as part of a concept. Not sure where it is going, but I've been wanting to do some concept art for a bit with big worlds, great models, and a solid story behind them. This is where it begins.... character building stage 1. This guy took about 2 hours of mixing and matching 3D assets and a few of my own textures. At some point, he will be included in a much bigger project. Right now, its about building believable characters to inhabit the world I'll make later. This was done quickly, so there are a few flaws, but the concept passed.

If you like images like this, you can follow me on instagram as well,...

Just started over there, so you'll see them as they are developed, but the more detailed stuff will still be right here.

Have a great day!

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This looks great. You're good at design


Thanks! Glad you liked the work!