Tough Decisions....

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Hi all! I've been playing with an online character creator for table top gaming called Heroforge, at The goal is to create your own character out of bits of assets, then have them 3D printed and sent to you to use in games. I've been having an absolute blast just building the characters and taking screen shots. I can download an object file and maybe texture one,.... but I have no idea which of these two I'd like best to try? The characters are only for personal use, but I just got a new texture program and I'm itching to give it a try. What you think?

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Call me a traditionalist but the one with two legs strikes my fancy. Very cool sounding site though.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020!


Yup, that one I really like and might be easier to create a good UV map for texturing. Happy New Year! Hope 2020 treats you the very best!

I like the centaur character, go for it the project looks very interesting:) Happy New Year:)


Thanks! Yeah, I like that one too. Might take some time to do, but I'm definitely going to give it a try. Happy new year!

hey stranger hehehe

as promised - a comment flood is about to ensue! LOL

well - maybe not a flood like the first time. but that was pretty epic hehehe, but maybe I'll just check up on your last 5 posts :)

centaur centaur centaur!!!! THAT GETS MY VOTE!!! hehehehe but i'm a sucker for the mythological. i mean - come on... who wants boring humans when you can have supernatural powers and abilities hehehehe

but you know i'm biased ;)

that's a super cool site by the way... if those 3D prints came out looking anything like that - super awesome!!!