Mountain Pass

9개월 전


Hi all! Just a quick post. I've been working on a different style of art for overhead perspective gaming. Its new to me, and the angles might be too sharp, but its a learning process, and the reason I haven't been posting recently. This one is based on a mountain pass idea I've been playing with. Wish I could share a video of this, since it is fully animated with bugs, birds and the like, but I'm still in testing phase, sooo... Anyway, here it is, and any helpful comments are welcome.

Have a great day!


Night time:


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Wonderful Mountain Pass. Nice place.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it.

oh man!!!! why didn't you get a video - i wanna see bugs and birds too!!! hehehehe

i really like that bottom pic - with the way the light is peeking out of the fog!

makes me feel so drawn into the image :)