Drawing of a beard guy

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ntopaz-image-0hello folks, good morning, good afternoon, goodnight 😂 , its being a while i posted any drawing, today i will show you this quick work i just did. Well the motive was not to copy exactly the reference pics but just to practice with it and try new things with it, like you can see from my method of shading its something I don't really do often, but decided to try "Hatching" which is the method of shading i employed for this work.
It took me 5minute to do a sketch like this, one of the fastest work i have done this year, why i rushed this work is because i get so busy with other things that really take my time and no much time to draw again, i hope you guys like this piece.😁


Reference pics)

The reference pics is also a drawing of one of Nigerians musical artist Popularly know as Phyno

I just used the pics 👆 as a sample in creating a sketch of my own, didn't want to copy exactly and besides time wasn't on my side


-Graphite pencil 6B HB 2B














Thanks for viewing my post

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I don’t know if your getting better or I am paying more attention to it.
Nice work


I guess i will just focus on not just posting for posting sake, it was a rushed work i know i could have done better but time wasn't on my side, you can check my latest post you would see much difference....this work is more like me practicing, when am practicing i usually do rough sketches like this. @wolfhart


Set a posting goal. Once a day or so. Some post will be great others not so good but it will average out and people will get to know you more personnel
I liked the post nothing wrong with it


Yeah thanks, i just wanted to be consistent on steemit thats why, its not really easy coming up with a very good piece though it takes time, thanks for the advice @wolfhart


Be yourself. That is my advice. I beleive everything else is secondary.
MY Humble Opinion.


Ahahhahaahah thanks @wolfhart words of wisdom, best thing i heard today God bless man.🙏

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You are really good at it!
I couldnt ever do 1% of what you do. You are talented, keep working on it till you reach perfection.

Drawing is a very deft skill, and you have a great skill. Keep it up


Thanks @blind-spot just that i have been drawing since the age of 5 am so used to it now, thanks for the advice.

Interesting portrait, @guchidan. Keep up with the good work.


Each time i see your comment i feel blessed and loved, you're such an amazing person, being following up with my art all this while i really appreciate you man God bless you🙏, thanks for the comment @trincowski

The Great Guchi is back!!
Great job yet again...


Thanks so much my friend