Drawing of an hairy oldman

9개월 전

ntopaz-image-0Hello folkz how is it going over there? Happy sundy! The work before us is a work i did some months back, and i just stumbled accross it on my phone and thought of sharing it again for some of us, who never knew i did a drawing like this. This drawing wasn't as easy as it seems it took a whole lot of my time, achieving that part of the hair was really rough for me. Drawing all begins with a step, with the accumulation of lines and shades you would be able to achieve that in which you desire to do, But by so doing one has to be meticulous and patient when drawing.

Material used are:

-Charcoal on A4 paper, HB,
-Kneaded eraser
-Tissue paper
-Cutton bud
-Artist brush

Here are my progress shots

















Thank you for stopping by hoping to see you again, please leave a comment below on your thoughts of this work. THANKS

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Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Wow it’s uncannie loooks just like me. Well except the hair is whiter. Eyes are more eagle like. Well maybe not so much


I don't think this man really look like you @wolfhart... you're more cool than this man, but.. I can see the same eager to live in his eyes just like yours..(maybe we can figure it out, if @guchidan show us the nipple...hahahahahaha)


Ahahahahahaaahaa hysterical


I haven't seen your face before but am sure you're handsome than him😁😁 @wolfhart thanks for your comment

yaaaayyy... you're such a good artist with that hairy things @guchidan, now you remind me when I first found your artwork, months ago.. remember the lady with nice hair? now you're none but an exceptional artist! I love it.. it almost look like a picture to me.. who's this man?


Thanks i still remember that drawing, was an imaginary work i did, was happy you loved and remember that piece of art. I feel elated, you have being a huge supporter of my works and am grateful, the man i dont know him in person😁 it was just a picture i saw online and i decided to draw something like him using his picture, but i wish i do know him i would have given him a nice haircut and make sure he gets a cool shower 😁😁 @cicisaja

This is extraordinary !!!
Keep it up...The Great Guchidan !!!



Thanks my friend, much respect from GUCHIDAN

A very detailed and nicely done portrait of an old man, @guchidan :) The hair and beard are nicely detailed with great strokes! And I love his piercing eyes very much :)


Eehehehehehheeee thanks dear

excellent portrait, friend

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wow. Beautifull.