The Dead Are Still Living | Self Portrait

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The Dead Are Still Living
Self Portrait

This portrait was made in 2013, a year after Mitch Lucker, the vocalist of Suicide Silence, died in a motorcycle accident. The band was my inspiration for most of my works, and I always hear Mitch's screams every time I make them. I was devastated after he died as I was one of those fans hoping to see them perform live. The band is still alive and kicking, with a new vocalist but it will never be the same without him.

So yep, this was a tribute for him. And that was how I mourned for his passing. He will never be forgotten.

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Sad story... and photo is full of emotions...

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Hello @hiddenblade! Beautiful photography that you have shared today, when the works manage to convey the feelings of the artist are always more beautiful; We have loved the dark tones of the photograph and the face of the model (your self portrait is very good) . Really, it's a great tribute to Mitch Lucker, the vocalist of Suicide Silence.

Thank you for sharing your talent through nTOPAZ, greetings and many successes.

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Thank you for the support, nTopaz! :D

I've never heard of that band and I'm sorry to hear what happened to their vocalist. But well.. that's life.. does the band still inspire you? Or have you found another source of inspiration?

This is a very good self-portrait. It shows pain, grief and love. The styling is very good!

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


Although I have found new inspirations, they will always remain in the "inspiration room" in my heart. :D Thank you!


This is a pretty gothic photo... and I'm sorry to hear that someone important to you died of accident :(. It is a lovely tribute though, lovely and dark.


Thanks, scrawrllss. 2012-2014 were my dark photography days haha

Sad story in the background, but here You reminds me Calypso / Tia Dalma.


You really are a pirate :D

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Gosh, hiddi, you are an amazing artist, with such a keen eye for composition and emotional context ! I love the pose and how you conveys the harrowing emotions with this picture * ___ *

So sad that Mitch Lucker was taken away from us through that motorcycle accident :( but this is such a lovely tribute ! i love the title very much also, it suits the picture to a tee * ___ *


Thank you spidey! Yes, it was so sad. But that is life, we dont know when we’ll leave this world 😄

amazing, you managed to knock me down, even though I never disturbed your life, what are your advantages? thank you for your pleasure @hiddenblade


You’re welcome

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