May the Light Shine on You.



I have always fascinated by lights, all kind of lights. Thanks to the modern interior design, we are able to see some brilliantly creative ideas from the designers on how to present a simple light bulb to an art! Especially the artisan cafe which is booming in the city at this moment, everyone is trying to out win one another.

This was taken in one of Artisan Coffee shop, I was so attracted to the light bulb. The tungsten filament is so vivid and bright, not even a fishbowl can contain its colour!

I have tried many shots, this angle is the one I like most. The alignment, the positions, the mood of the place. I feel so peaceful just looking at it.

I hope you enjoy my view of light. See you in my next post.


This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Phone Camera.

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Thank you.

If you took a good picture, the lights I imagine you made that coffee your favorite place. The color between caramel, golden, is an incredible combination.


Thank you very much for stopping by, I'm glad you like it!

I love the flare in this shot and I to am fascinated by lights and lamps


I love them too!

I like that shot of your light!


Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much @original.content!

Hello today it seems that we have agreed.
I love those very mysterious and beautiful light bulbs,
Yes they give peace of mind
Happy day


I'm glad you love the same thing @txatxy!

You are a child of the Light and may the light always be with you my friend!


That's so sweet of you! Thank you!


My pleasure my friend!

Howdy joelai! I love this light, what a wonderful design! Simple but elegant.