Happy New Year 2019 - This is my entry.

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ntopaz-image-0Happy New Year 2019. New Year! Calligraphy with message of hope.
The place where I live is the country of Vietnam. In our country we all choose summoned beasts to represent a new year. And this year 2019 is a pig. So I created a pig at zero to express this tradition. Hope everyone will like it. Happy New Year 2019.
New year greetings to family members meaning

  • A new spring has arrived, I wish my parents always healthy and happy with us and welcome a new year of peace and happiness.
  • New year wishes my family a warm smile. 1 look for happiness filled. 1 word for complete faith. 1 bit of jealousy for loving shine. 1 pink heart for the common love.
  • Spring is coming and people are eager to welcome the spring. This year's Tet is very special, I have my own family but I know that you are my baby's baby forever, so I need your mother to love and patience when facing difficulties in life. I wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful mother.
  • We wish everyone in the family a new year full of joy and happiness: Fun in health, young in the soul, smart in ideal and mature in all areas.
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Hi @kaitokiva! I’m happy that you shared your talent so that this community continues to grow 🖌. However, I found an internet image that match with your entry. In the rules it's use is not allowed and it's considered plagiarism. For dispute or appeals you must visit the channel #dispute-appeals

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