A Quick Pencil Sketch


ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4# Hi 💏
It has really been a long time since I left you a post on pencil sketch, in just within 2hrs, I made this amazing pencil portrait. I have always said that as an artist, you should never have a definite mood for drawing otherwise you should always have the mood to promote creativity and skill.

materials used

  • concord paper
  • Nataraj pencil
  • charcoal powder
  • tissue paper
  • cotton bud


Make your grid lines on your paper

Sketch the shapes and figures of your picture

Make your shadings box by box bringing out all tones of shades as seen in the reference picture.

Thanks for reading and viewing in my vlog for today.

With love and an artistic view on life until next blog ,when I will be showing and giving more illustration though the making of a good 3D effect portraitures.

I will appreciate your love /vote /comment for my artistic view on Steemit life is highly appreciated.......and I really want to use my works to make impact.
Thanks for reading in my blog




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Such a beautiful portrait and lovely smile :-)
[nTOPAZ curator]


Thanks so much. Just coming up with a good facial expression

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Even a quick pencil sketch, it seems so beautiful ~ Short time sometime means eternal time ~ Lyricisim I can watch ~ He looks so happy ~


☺ so happy you could get the message oh his face.
So true that short time events crate eternal memories and am glad you commented beautiful for this piece.

Thank you so much. ☺

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It's looking good on you. It is impressive that you have done it in such a short time, that speaks very well of your ability to make this type of portrait with that technique of charcoal or pencil? The image conveys a lot of feeling of joy. A great job. Congratulations.


Thank you so much.
To all my new works, I just always try to come out with different styles and concepts.
My belief about art is that the height of creativity has no end. So I sit myself down on old pieces and think of new innovations I can come out with and I give a try.

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Keep up the good work! 🏂
DFacademy Team 🎯


Your comments on my works are greatly appreciated and I really say a very big thank you

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