Elsa: Frozen - Why you shouldn't rush art!

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Hey, everyone!! So I got really hooked at the idea of redrawing Disney princesses! ♥ The other day, my mean sister criticized my Rapunzel (she said she looked more like a Russell than a Rapunzel) and it hurt my feelings a little :< Then I realized she did look a little muscular > u < But I like it anyways...

And sooo, I decided that for my next drawing, I'd make the body figure slimmer and girlier \o/

I thought "Elsa is already hella op with her ice blasting hands, she won't need much muscle..." and so I drew Elsa! I thought of posing her seated at the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones then make her look dead cold with glowing eyes and all but I realized it was a little too ambitious for my current skill set hehehe So I settled for a simpler pose for now...

Frozen is one of my favorites from Disney ♥ You see, Elsa ain't no princess, she a queen. What I liked about Frozen is that it broke Disney's traditional 'love at first sight' cliche story. In fact, it even included this evil yet handsome prince to emphasize that people aren't always what they seem. Aaand let's not forget that when Anna needed true love, it wasn't from anyone but her own sister ♥
More info about Frozen

Anyways, enough with Frozen, it's turning a bit into a movie review > u < As I was making this one, I had a few hurdles. I'd like to share those little hurdles with you guys and how I overcame my little problems.

Why you shouldn't rush art unless necessary!

There comes a time wherein you'd feel stuck at something. In my case, it was in drawing. It feels really frustrating when you can't get your drawing to cooperate with what you're imagining! Fear not, you haven't lost your skills nor become a little less impressive. A lot of people experiences that little lag... Peeps at @steemartists have experienced it, @thedudebroguy has experienced it. In faact, one of the artists that I look up on Youtube have mentioned that they too experience it. Sooo, here's when I experienced it hehe

sad elsa.jpg

The sketch already looked a little off when I started. If I'm gonna be honest, what threw me off was my mean sister's comment about my Rapunzel :< You see, I'm not really good at taking negative opinions at anything. Soo, when I made the sketch, I had a messed up mindset. I usually feel really happy when I draw but when I made this, I felt... tired.

When this happens, I think it's best to take a break! Your body might not be tired but remember that your mind gets tired too. There will be times where your works are hard to be proud of, you know what I mean? There's that little voice that will always say "psh you can do better than this" (or am I just crazy?). It's that voice that will push you to be better but it might also be the one that shatters your confidence rendering you unable to reach your highest potential.

When this happens, take a few steps back. Look at your old works. Appreciate yourself a little. Hey, I did great on this one. I've come so far! Inspire yourself with others's art. Maybe watch a few tutorials and pick up some new techniques. Play a game, maybe ;) That's at least what I did, and I came back stronger! (I think)

sad elsa 2.jpg

Sooo, this has turned into an art post, a movie review, and a motivational post hehehe I hope it's not a little too wordy for your taste! Nor too cheesy!

On a side note, my sister is actually pretty nice. She brings me donuts when she comes home on weekends :>

That's about it! I hope you liked this one as well!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join us @steemartists! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n

We also have a discord channel and we'd be more than glad if you dropped by: https://discord.gg/C9PsHV6

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
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All images were made by @kothy
All rights reserved

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Ang haba na ng bobcat mo kots, lagyan natin ng upvote post mo XD


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Thank you, mehehehe

WOW!!! @kothy, your drawing is very beautiful, I love what you did !!!

I do not remember but I do not think I saw your drawing of Rapunzel but seeing this drawing, I imagine that it was also incredible. ;)

I think it happens to everyone that the imagination wants something but our abilities create something else and this is valid and sometimes incredible things can come out, so do not feel bad if this happens to you. <3 <3 <3

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Thank you, @yanes94! The Rapunzel one is a bit different from this one but I'm happy that you just believe it's as incredible too!!! Well, if our imagination becomes a little too wild, it's kinda hard to keep up haha But I agree, sometimes the best things come out from where we least expect it ♥


That's right, but calm... soon you will tame that unstoppable beast called imagination. XD

Thanks to you @kothy, I think you were a little missing, right? I hope to see your illustrations again very soon. ;)

[nTopaz Curator]

This is very nice @kothy!! 🎉🎉🎉 😸 I can see the Game of Thrones influence on it, see when I saw the image without reading anything, I thought it was Daenerys Targarien hehe, also liked very much your post, indeed we have to take some breaks and take a few steps back to see the whole picture, get some rest and let the mind process the new information and when you return back to the drawing things look much clearer.

Big hug @kothy 😉🎨🙌 keep being awesome!

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Thank you, @melooo182! Looking at her, she does look like Daenarys! I really want to have more GoT references like dragons and stuff but I know little about the series. I only watched enough episodes with my sister to know about the throne, the dragons, and the mother of dragons :>

When my laptop charger broke, I think I had enough rest to retry drawing my original concept with Elsa! I like hugs, I like big hugs even better!


This spam is courtesy of @fulltimegeek! A real piece of shit who flags manual curation projects like @themacurator because he's a spiteful cunt!!!

Disney is a strange corporation. Many people believe they send subliminal messages to kids, on their movies. Who knows if they're right?

Anyway, great work, @kothy! It's a beautiful drawing!


I see that you're getting the support now as well :) You deserve it - enjoy! :)


Now I'm scared... because the other guy downvotes everything upvoted by the Defender of the Blockchain. 😅 😅 😅


Don't you worry :) I had so many flags in the last days but there are people who will save your comments. Simply enjoy and all will be fine..

PS: Some days might be more flagging than other days so don't get scared :)


It seems like the war is escalating. What madness! 😂


Thank you, @trincowski!

It is very likely since kids often take inspiration from what they watch... But the current Disney films seem to give nice lessons so there's not much harm if they are > u <

What a little criticism can do to our minds, especially when it's coming from the ones we love. I am sure that your sister didn't mean it in a mean way. It's just what sisters do - sometimes they make fun of each other. Don't let others to let you down. It is not worth it :) You are a great artists and your Disney princesses are going to be a hit!

I like this one too even though she looks a little bit sad. Well, but she didn't have it very easy either so I can understand her sad eyes. I love her hair! You've done a great job with it! Also the shape of her body is great - the proportion is spot on!

Looking forward to seeing more of your art :) stay positive and don't stop creating! :)

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!


Thank you so much, @delishtreats! It really was just harmless teasing that I took to the heart... It makes me really happy to receive so much support from this platform!

It was supposed to look cold but it did turn out sad, didn't it... I'm glad I made the revisions hehehe

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This is very inspiring Kots! How can you be so young, and cute, and sweet, and yet so so wise? I love Elsa's facial expression. Parang pinakita niya how sad or tired but still beautiful you are.


Thank you, ate romes!!! Grabe naman yung young, cute, sweet, and wise... Young and cute lang! Jk hahaha

Gagawan ko nga dapat ng short poem ish eh 'The cold has always bothered her' ganern kaso nashy ako hahaha

An elegant drawing @kothy, I was pleased to see Disney get with the times and show women don't need a knight in shining armour to save them.

Be brave and try it
"And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all!" - Let it Go, Frozen


Thank you, @livvu! Disney films have really changed... I like how they tackle modern issues like how they did with the environmental issues in Moana. Yes! Give children something to ponder on!

I have been trying!♥ If I want to be a future game artist someday, I can't let fears hold me back > u <

@kothy! is this the piece you were asking for last night at discord? XD you are so adorable, there is nothing TOO personal about it <3 An adorable drawing of Elsa ! And she doesn't look TOO muscular, whachu talking about, kothy-chan :D

And yep, I also like that Elsa is a Queen, not a princess, and that she has a very touching and realistic relationship with her sister :)

Wonderful piece <3


Thank you, @veryspider! Yes, this was the piece hehehe I thought people won't be interested that much with my personal rants but I guess that's what makes blogging unique! I'm glad Elsa turned out adorable > u <

Yesss she a Queen! The 'true love' on this film wasn't from neither Sven nor Hans (definitely not him D:<) but from her sister ♥ Cute cute cute

This is a beautiful artwork, kothy, I think you did very well drawing Elsa. And your review is pleasant to read, so don't feel guilty of including it. Your sister might be ribbing you a lil, but I'm sure she wants the best for you.... just like Elsa and Anna ^_^.


Thank you, @scrawly! I'm glad I included it because it turns out, many people like Frozen as much as I did (despite rewatching it around 7 times because my nephew liked it so much)! Funny how my content and my short rant aligned... Both is about sibling relationship :> I think too that I might have taken her tease a little too close to the heart > u <

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