Images from Journal of Experimental Botany

7개월 전

Papaver Rhoeas | Phalaenopsis Bellina | Restrepia Contorta | Scorpiris


With second captain back into his seating. Sailing the ship on my own was tiring but rewarding, I am grateful to my second for the very important parts he plays, allows me to resume my inner-travelings.

Thank You for stopping by, art lovers and readers.

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Gosh, Alenia, your mind and creativity is something else <3 I love how you interpret these floral entities in these portraits, so much ! They are so strange, and some are very freaky, and each is fully infused with creative energies and character * ___ *

Amazing works, as always <3


Thank you very much for stopping by @veryspider. I am glad you like them... They are happy 😊 to be liked too 😉 !

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