Journal of Experimental Botany | Lily & Hydrangea

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Journal of Experimental Botany
Gloriosa Lily & Hydrangea Macrophylla
Mix Media on A3 Paper, 2015
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Hola...este trabajo me ha encantado..aunque parezca mentira la naturaleza tiene vida..las plantas nos hablan cada día...nos alegran la vida ...nos regalan su aroma..estas pinturas transmiten ternura..


Hola @carolinacardoza, muchas gracias por el bonito comentario.
Me alegro de que te gusten y pienses que reflejan el carácter de las plantas de manera adecuada.

Thank you, Ciao!

Your beautiful works radiate light and authenticity, it is fascinating to see how you manage to give your touch to each creation, great!

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Thank you for the lovely comment @elisonr13.

Oh it is a panorama of your painting! Something I have seen first. Various colors are made up of this beautiful series of botany. How beautiful it is! Wanna see more. They are so impressive ~~~


Hello @trueimagine.
Good to know you like the panorama of all the artwork.
Thank You for stopping by. :)

They are very cute designs


Hello @yanes94
Thank you for visiting.

This is a very cute and charming collection, @lady-idra! What a fantastic work! 😃

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Tremendo, me gusto mucho. El manejo de colores: Excelente. Muy mágico todo. Me recordó "Alicia en el pais de las maravillas". Un abrazo, saludos.


De nada. Saludos