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Storms outside
and differences between us
always tear you and I apart.

Only hand in hand
we can keep our love
strong and stable like the mountains.

- Liv Vu -

This love poem that I wrote was the inspiration for my concept that led to my sculpture, “Hand in Hand”. I made a quick sketch by pencil to visualise the structure and the composition of the couple, the wind and storm as well as the mountains.

I made the sculpture using red clay. It took the fundamentals of the sketch but was more developed. In the sculpture, the wind and storm are blowing the couple in opposite directions.

Here is the clip of clay sculpture.

Once the clay sculpture was formed, I glazed it in deep yellow and purple and baked it in a woodfire oven. Here is final sculpture showing the different angles.


With Valentine's day only short time a way, I would love to wish you all lot’s of love and happiness. Let’s make Steem a warmer and happier place in the coming days.


If you like sculpture, you can see more of my work here:

The Persistence of Dalí

Thank you all for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it. It gives me great joy to be able to share my experiences with you all, exclusively here on the Steem blockchain. ❤
Thank you for your upvotes, comments, and resteeming this post ❤❤


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Wow darling, is a beautiful sculpture and forms a nice heart, I like how you have placed the couple, no matter how much storm, they keep clinging to be together. The wind can be strong but love is even more!
I loved seeing you again captivating us with this beautiful work and a beautiful poem. <3 <3 <3

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Thank you @yanes94, I've always loved the heart shape. Love conquers all right?

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Thank you @art-venture, it's a great honour for me

Hi @livvu, I love your artwork as usual. It’s always creative, full of freedom and nature-driven feeling. Just by few short words, your “Hand in hand” can say more. I wish you a very happy and cozy Valentine’s Day with your special one. :)


Thank you @lenancie for your kind words. Wishing you lots of love and happiness


well received with thanks :D I will try to have all the things you wished :) sorry for late reply

Wow, smashing comeback @livvu:):) I really enjoyed this post, it had everything. Amazing artwork, a very meaningful poem, a helpful drawing to understand better the idea, a clip to see it from all angles, detailed photos and a great and much needed idea behind it:) I loved the sculpture, the glazing is very beautiful and the shapes have a combination of archaic and contemporary look.


Thank you @georgeboya for your kind words and encouragement. Your words are a great source of motivation and I hope I can share more of my artworks in the future

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That's beautiful, @livvu :)


Spectacular sculpture @Livvu and you have complemented with a beautiful poem. You are great, a sweet artist. Congratulations!


Thank you @smeralda for your support and kind words. I am happy that my art and poem was able to connect with your heart ♥️♥️♥️

Hi @livvu!

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How can I tell you that your work is not amazing? You're so sweet and it's a pleasure to work with you, we also enjoy your art a lot, which transmits the same warmth and elegance as you. Greetings from this side of the world, dear @livvu


Thank you @cafeconleche, I love working with you too and your group does great work in supporting nTopaz and curators. I am so pleased to hear this post was able to bring you some joy ♥️

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Another beautiful creation. You are very talented indeed - artist, sculptor, poet.... I light the poem, very much.


Thank you @quotes-haven, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the poem. Wishing you lots of love and happiness ♥️


Thank you, and the same to you! Have a successful year in whatever you do - especially in your creations.

This is beautiful @livvu and your poem is brilliantly simple!

It reminds me of the Cretan "mantinades", couplets sung in the rhythm of accompanying music that usually talk about love as well as "Erotokritos" a 17th century epic romance that has the same type of rhyming :)


Thank you @fotostef, your comment is a great window into a whole new world I wasn't aware of. The song sounds full of emotion and passion even though I cannot understand the words. I guess love speaks all languages ♥️

I thought of the word Tempest when I saw the sculpture. Never read the first parts or seen the entire post to get that word right out my mind. Even nature won't stop love. :D


Thank you @adamada. At my first attempt it looked like fire more than a storm, but luckily the final version was more true to the original concept

Wonderful pencil sketch and final sculpture! :) I love the energy and passion flowing out of it.


Thank you @itchyfeetdonica, I really appreciate your positive comment. Wishing you lots of love ♥️♥️


You are very welcome! Great to get inspired by your art! :)

An amazing finished piece @livvu and wonderful to see inspiration and the process.


Thank you @donnadavisart, I am really pleased you liked it and appreciate you comment ♥️

Impressive! You can really see them struggling to hold on to each other’s hand against the wind. Beautiful poem to go with it. You are a multitalented artist! Befitting for this Valentines Day. I made a dog bowl and coffee mug once out of clay. Still use them. I would like to try my hand at sculpture again someday. For now I will enjoy yours. 😊


Thank you @bdmillergallery.

I would definitely recommend trying clay again. It has a great sense of fun and play, I always feel like a child with playdough when creating with clay!

Always liked clay sculptures, but as I find it very difficult to work with, I never could produce any decent results. Maybe, that is why I became a painter and not a sculptor.

I like how you captured your idea with a quick sketch. I find that an essential step with my work as well. Nice to see, how they both hold on to each other, despite the storm. Really nice interpretation of the theme!


Thank you @reinhard-schmid for you kind words and encouragement. It means a lot coming from a great artist like yourself.

The sketch is definitely an important step as sometimes I get lost while sculpting and the the sketch helps me get back on the right direction.

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Wow, smashing comeback @livvuو I really enjoyed this post.


Thank you @marya77

Wow really cool sculpture, it's cool seeing the initial sketch through to finished work!


Thank you @jeremyrfk, I am pleased you enjoyed seeing the process. I hope to take more pictures of the steps in the future as when I did that sculpture, I never expected to write about it.

I look forward to seeing your next post.

wow beautiful sculpture my friend.. nice theme HAND IN HAND..
Thanks for share with us..


Thank you very much @tussar11

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ivvu님 작품 멋지네요. 남녀가 힘을 합친다면 더 좋은 세상으로 갈 수 있을 거에요. 사랑의 힘으로...
전 조각을 보는 것은 좋아하지만 만드는 것은 힘들어 합니다. ^^ 그래서 대단해보여요. ^^


Thank you @wnrwjd for your lovely words and great encouragement!

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I like your poem and the sculpture. Great work!