Valentines Gift


ntopaz-image-0Heya guys! Valentines Day was just yesterday and I wanna share my drawing of my sister that I have sent to her as a Valentines Day gift. She liked it, and I was happy, I rarely attempt making this kind of style, because I am very cautious and overly aware of the appearance or output so I tend to leave it unfinished but this time I pursued then ended up with a good result, I am glad that it came up that way since the other attempts are hidden, probably gonna redraw them if I find the right moment.

I wanted to practice this kind of style but I always lose the motivation to do it because every time I see it being continued I feel like it doesn't resemble what it's supposed to look like and I feel down about that then lie down and think of other things to apply. Anyways, that's just how it is for me but I am doing my best to improve in this one and this is the first step so stay tuned also I am still doing the same cartoonish style so expect a combination of both. Thanks for dropping by, see ya.

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Nice! Hand drawn? At first look I thought it was vexel art.


Yeah, it's vexel, haven't actually tried this one for a long time now. Also thanks @justnyz 😊