Commissioned Drawing (Romeskie)


ntopaz-image-0Heya guys! The thing that I was talking about in my previous posts is this. Ate(Sister) @romeskie has commissioned me to make a cartoonized version of themselves in the style of alodia. I was surprised when she told me that, I mean this is not the first commission that I had but the second and yet it is still pretty shocking for me because I am scared to hear that what I have drawn doesn't ressemble what it's supposed to. Ate Romeskie was really nice to me, she loved what I had made and that made me feel a little more confident now, I think.

A little bit of backstory on how I met Ate @romeskie. I haven't actually met her in person just online, mainly here on Steemit, she had commented on my post probably my Chibiwin comic series, she commented something nice and saying that my drawing is cute, I was happy when I read that and that's where it all started, we became friends. That's all for now and thank you for dropping by, see ya.

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Aaah so nice!! ^^