Fanart (Totoy Zen)


ntopaz-image-0Heya guys! Long time no post, been inactive for almost 4 days now, haven't done any progress in drawing for now but now here is another fanart I made last 2018. I give you Totoy Zen (Totoy means kid), his comics is revolves around his adventures when he was a kid, he is actually a teenager or a young adult probably around 20 years old or so. It is nice to go back and remember stuff that happened when we were young and still happy go lucky, doing things not wondering what will happen next.

I want to be a kid again, I haven't enjoyed my time much before I always had to go home and can't go to other places unlike most kids but its okay with me, I understand my situation before, my parents wanted what was best for me. I should have spend more time with my friends in college to feel the emptiness and void I had in childhood. That's all for now, thanks gor dropping by and see ya.

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