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ntopaz-image-0Hello hello y'all! I got more art :))
So at the time this was drawn, I've been sleeping really late haha maybe from 4-6 hours of sleep is the best I could get :> cuz I love talking with my online friends (and yeaaa timezones haha)
I think there are posts similar to this online? But I just made one myself regardless of that x)
Butt yeaaa I do look the same with more or less sleep hahaha xD I mean the bags under my eyes are there always lol even if I sleep for long hours I would still look tired irl. But oh well haha that's just me and probably a part of me now.. (tired looking Marie all the time)
Haha I think that's about it :)) again, thank you for reading this until the end and have a wonderful day y'all

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Lol, I experienced this kind of situation before ~ Truely empathetic ~ you made me smile ~ Show us more ~


Haha glad I made you smile! And ofc! I will be posting more of my art :DD