Fanart 1!

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ntopaz-image-0Hello hi y'all! I got some art again!
(((Fanart 1/62))) lol
I drew the character of "Immortal Joemar" in my artstyle! Hehe I mean nit much changed cuz the character is simple :))
The main feature of the characyer os the thick eybrows and I'm sure I got that hahaha
By the way, Immortal Joemar is a page on facebook that make hilarious comics xD
That's about it for now! I got a lot of fanarts coming so stay tuned for that xD they are all drawn in my cartooney artstyle!
As always have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!

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I would call this character Eyebrow King - I like it! Great drawing work.

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When eyebrows are life xD also, thank youu! :DD

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