Parque Explora Medellín 🤖🏙



Decided to pay heed to @ryivhnn's suggestion of uploading my photos outside of contests 😜.

This photo was taken more than weeks ago from the "Universidad" metro station, the one nearest my current home, which is on the opposite corner of the city's Botanical Garden hehe.

That particular day I was taking the northbound train, something I rarely do, since I mostly go the southern parts of the city, however my "Civica" card (city's transportation system card) had stopped working a few days before and I had 2 options for solving my issue, either go to the city centre where it's always full with large queue lines or go to the very last station to the north "Niquia" where there's very few people and almost no queuing... xD the answer seems rather obvious right?.


However there was a drawback in the Niquia that I wasn't aware of, You had to exit the station while in the city centre the offices are inside. So ended up paying an extra trip but I think my time was worth more than that, besides I kinda took advantage of that, by going to groceries stores nearby the metro station, to my surprise I found in abundance products that quickly run out of stock in nearby home 🤷‍.

Anyway seems like I got a bit derailed, no pun intended, so between all these things I also took the chance to get some pictures of the northern view of Universidad station, which you can see at the TOP, a very nice boulevard flanked by "Parque Explora", which I find it's architecture gorgeous!

Technical Info:
Taken with Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Around 10:00, from Universidad metro station
Medellin, Colombia

Full Res Photo

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons - @melooo182

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una estación muy bonita extructuralmente, buena opción en el transporte

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