🌥⛰ Mountain Climate in the Tropics ⛰🌥

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ntopaz-image-0Believe it or not you can find quite cool (cool as in cold) places in the tropics, of course these are the highlands, this is my prefered climate zone, you get spring like weather all year round, hot middays but with chill evenings, with 2 rainy seasons a year, those tend to be the coldest but it never gets so cold that a light jacket can't protect from.

This is the climate of my hometown San Antonio, a suburb of Caracas, at 1400m above sea level, Caracas is around 900m, Medellin, the city I'm living at now has many parts with this same climate at an altitud of 1500m above sea level, however dense packed urban areas tend to be hotter because of pollution and loss of vegetation... so is not strange to feel too much hot during middays.

Anywho I hope you enjoy my art 😉

Creative Commons - @melooo182


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If you have altitude it does get colder. I remember a family holiday from a long time ago where we were in the tropics and it was warm and then we went into the highlands on a tour and had to buy jumpers from one of the tourist traps up there when it was unexpectedly cold 🤣

Are those flowers or berries on the bushes?

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Ryyyyyy! 💙
hehe, I did this really quick without thinking too much... they could be either 😜
My guess would be the yellow bigger ones are flowers while red little berries.

One time in the venezuelan Andes (early 2000s) I went to this really high mountain, around 4000m tall and well it suddenly started to snow 😱😁 that was really awesome cause I hadn't seen snow since 1994 when I was living in France 💙⛰


That's pretty cool :D I'm pretty sure you can at least expect snow in the Andes, might have been more startling if you were somewhere you completely weren't expecting snow at all XD


xD it doesn't always snow at that altitude, perpetual snows are like at least 500m higher.

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Yo no tengo idea de como funciona el clima de mi zona, solo se si llueve o hay mucho sol. Este arte esta perfecto para un fondo de una animación con flash buen trabajo de vectores Bro n_n