Lady Snowblood 💋☠️



I drew this in August while I was recovering from some nasty flu like virus, my body felt so weak I spent most of a weekend in bed...anyway after the fever was gone I was browsing my IG feed and saw some images in the story of a friend featuring some bloody manga fem fatale hehe, after a quick search on google of what that was, got linked to a 1973 Japanese film name "Lady Blood", which was based in this manga panels I had seen earlier, the autor is Kazuo Kamimura.


I was so fascinated by the aesthetic of both the manga and film that I felt compelled to make some art inspired on it, so that's how I started that portrait of the protagonist.

Later learned this film was actually a huge inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill...specifically this part rings a bell hehe

Technical Info:
Traditional Media on my mid sized Sketchbook (26x18cm).
Inkpen and colour markers and white gel pen.
Took me around 2.5 hours if I remember well

Reference image

My drawing

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons - @melooo182

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Ooo.. She reminds me of the lady Taka in the Last Samurai! Strong yet soft and there is a sorrowful look on her face. I love ladies in Japanese kimono, with their hair all up in a nice bun and some strands of hair loose at the sides, just like your drawing :)

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Saludos cariño... lo bueno de esa gripe es que pudiste realizar esta hermosa obra ;), es increíble el aspecto que lograste en la chica. <3 <3 <3

Fantástica obra, me gusta mucho!!!

This version looks moderately less psychotically angry than the manga version XD

I'm a big fan of scribbly ink :)

She looks elegant ~ Strong feeling arose ~ Softly curved face line supports her so tenderly ~ Line is a media to express her soul ~ Black and white with red lips characterizes this portrait so firmly ~ Marvellous ~

excellent drawing my friend I congratulate you you have a very original style, you captured the character. interesting animated series

Great drawing!