[CO] Original Drawing | Hair of Woman #2



Greetings dear friends lovers of art ..!

Today I bring you my second entry for the drawing contest of @nTOPAZ Like the first drawing I wanted to draw a woman's hair again, the one that I show below is a wavy and loose hair, with a cute collected in the part higher.

The drawing is original made with pencils: HB2, 3B and 6B also use moldable eraser, a common eraser and a diffuser.

Unlike the previous one in this drawing you can notice the face of the girl, I'm not very good with realism but to not be good has been pretty good, I took about two hours to complete it. I love this drawing and I am very proud of it, I hope that you also like it, without anything else to say here I leave you the whole process of creation:












Copyright @naideth - All rights reserved.

Let me know your opinion about my drawing in the comments, I would really appreciate it .. !!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the support, a big hug to all..!!


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BEAUTIFUL .. One drawing better than the other, I can not explain how you do to achieve the volume in the hair waves, it's a great job, congratulations for that great reward


Very grateful for your kind comment, I love to draw hair, in fact so I started with this drawing, it is a bit complicated but with constant practice it can be achieved, a big hug @anablogs

Dear Artist @naideth ! Do you know the FineArtNow Project ? The Idea of this blog is to bring creative people and art enthusiasts together and to increase the reach of Steemit - Artists ! Become our Friend ! See you soon !


How great, I did not know about you, it's a great initiative, we'll see you soon @fineartnow

They are many waves, I love that hairstyle, it's great for a great job, and your face is very cute, you say it's not very good for realism but it looks great, you should try to make it more realistic, it's any point you'll get into a expert


Thank you very much for your kind comment, I will try to continue making drawings like this, and maybe practice realism, although now I am drawing sketches of tattoos, a big hug @anadelivery

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Hi naideth,

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This very cool that you make here this upvote :)) @curie


WOOOW @curie, this is great, thank you very much for the great support you have given me, this means a lot to me <33

Your work is amazing, the hair style is so beautiful, and the texture so realistic! Congratulations!


Thank you very much thank you for your friendly comment, a big hug @leilanyarevalo

You continue to surprise us, besides making tattoo sketches you also make excellent pencil drawings, I would love to see more works like this one


It's good to be a little versatile from time to time, I'll still do my tattoo sketches, I really love that, a big hug @johanmartinez

That you have done a bit of realism with the face adds a plus to this drawing, it is simply wonderful, congratulations for the dedicated and professional work @naideth


Thank you very much @kevintravel, I was a little nervous of how the face part would turn out, but everything turned out very well, thank you very much for your comment

Another pretty drawing with voluminous hair, nai :)


Thank you very much, I am very happy that you liked my drawing # 2 shortly I will be uploading the last one, thank you very much for supporting me <33

Hair is such a difficult thing to draw, but you made it very nice (and simple) looking! Great looking detail in the shadows from the hair.


Thank you very much, if it is quite complicated, I remember that at the beginning it was very difficult for me to get that effect, but with practice I have improved a lot and it is a fascinating technique, thank you very much for your comment

I always had a hell of a time drawing hair. You make it look so simple, and in such a design!
Just great.


Thank you very much for your kind comment, I'm glad you like it, a big hug @hlezama

I think that the face is quite realistic. It's a one in a million woman :)

The hair is beautiful! I wish I had such hair and my hair stylist was able to do something like that for my weddings many years ago ;) Unfortunately my hair is nothing like this so even if my hair stylist would be a magician he wouldn't be able to create it ;)

Thank you for sharing this beautiful drawing!


I would love to make a hairstyle for my wedding, but first I must get a boyfriend hahaha, thank you very much for your kind comment, a big hug @delishtreats

I hope soon you make new and also some video too :))
always pleasant to see if you put up the black and white work.
And I hope this very big Upvote makes you smile :))


Soon I'll make another video, but you know it's complicated for me ;) I have to do another, that's for sure

I will continue doing my drawings in black and white :) we have that in common in our blogs.

And of course it has made me smile, this vote means a lot to me :D

Thank you very much for always there <33

A good choice to make the girl's hair wavy. Looks characterless and not boring


Thank you very much for your comment friend, a big hug @anggreklestari

you could sell this drawing to a shampoo company :) amazing art skills thanks for sharing your talent


Hahaha that great your comment, I take a smile, thank you very much for your comment, a big hug @road2horizon

This hair is so beautiful! I love the curls in it, wouldn't it be great if our hair "obey" most times and make awesome styles like this. Well, they just have a mind of their own. Lol


It is amazing everything we can do to our hair xD thank you very much for your comment, I'm glad you liked it, a big hug @audreybits