[CO] Original Drawing | Hair of Woman #3



Greetings dear friends lovers of art ..!

This is my last entry to the drawing contest @nTOPAZ more than a contest I saw it as a motivation to retake my drawings with graphite pencil, as they saw in my first entry I have a very small pencil and with that little pencil I get the best effect In drawings like this, I did not worry about buying a new one since I am perfecting my skills in ink sketches, but after this contest I must have a new pencil 6B, "Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have" : )

I love making these three entries, I am very satisfied with the results.. Making realistic hair is something I love.. The following drawing is about a woman's hair completely loose, and is wavy, of the three drawings that I made this is the one that I like the most and the one that took me the most time, I hope you like it here I leave the process.












Copyright @naideth - All rights reserved.

Let me know your opinion about my drawing in the comments, I would really appreciate it .. !!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the support, a big hug to all..!!


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It turned out amazing! Upvoted and resteemed, for your support!


Thank you ;))

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Wow @naideth, the effect you achieve with those waves is incredible, it looks so bright, it's amazing, you made three wonderful entries


Grateful for your kind comment <3

Amazing drawing, without a doubt it is spectacular, the brightness that you achieve is phenomenal @naideth


Thank you.. I'm glad you liked my drawing

AMAZING Of the three drawings this is my favorite, they are all perfect, but this one has something that I love, Greetings @naideth


Your comment makes me very happy, let me tell you that this is also my favorite <3

You have a lot of talent to draw realistic hair, good luck in the contest, I would love to see you in the top, you deserve it


Thank you very much friend, I can not reach the top, but I'm very happy because of the receptivity that they had drawings, the others participated they did a great job

I see that you draw by strands, it is an allusive job, I hope to continue seeing more of your work, to see works like this is very rewarding and valuable for the community.


Thank you very much and yes, drawing by small elements, so you get a better effect, it's good that you noticed it..

Of course you will continue to see more jobs like this a big hug @anablogs

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