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nTOPAZ's view on content ecosystems

Here's what nTOPAZ thinks.
We believe that when creative, diverse, challenging, and free ideas meet actively, the world of art and creation develops. Block chains are open and copyrighted, while privacy is not respected, it is highly regulated and makes you feel uncomfortable with usability.
We are convinced that creative work cannot blossom in this environment.
The protection of copyright means that creativity is limited on the other hand.
So, can creative work be developed in a controlled environment? We don't think so.
There is a saying that "There is nothing new under the sun". Nothing in the world is completely new.
Steve Jobs was not the first person to invent a smartphone.
But he created consumer needs by connecting computer and phone.
Most of the creative work begins with copying, and We think the motivations and inspiration found in various materials are linked and transformed into new creations.
In conclusion, nTOPAZ aims to become an exponential talent growth platform that combines diverse initiatives and inspiration in a free and creative creation environment.

nTOPAZ wants the following content:

♣ Content that inspires and heals people who see it with great talent and creativity
♣ Collaboration content based on a variety of challenges and experimental spirit
♣ Content that want to see, want to hear, want to buy, and want to learn(foundation of talent commercialization)
♣ Bright energy and positive message content

To help with this, we have the nTOPAZ Curator.
Curator of Visual Art A(@veryspider, @shibasaki, @scrawly, @melooo182, @allyinspirit)
Curator of Visual Art B (@livvu, @catwomanteresa, @yanes94, @siamcat, @axeman)
Curator of Audiovisual Art (@ilazramusic, @aidarojaswriter)

The following content is not allowed in nTOPAZ:

♠ Vote-Farming content through multiple accounts (does not accept it as a creation because it does not have identity)
♠ Low Quality content (To be regarded as lacking in talent or sincerity)
♠ A consistent gloomy atmosphere or distasteful content; provocative content reminiscent of sexual activity.
(In case of a simple nude, the boundaries between art and obscenity are ambiguous, the majority opinion within the team is based.)
♠ Content that copies another person's work and posts it as if it was his/her own.
(If you have practiced copying another person's work, you must specify the author and source.)
*It doesn’t mean inspiration, but just copying.

But, everyone can make one mistake.
A verbal guide to one mistake, whether it was in the past or present, and a limitation criterion is applied to the activity in the 7 days inactive, 30 days inactive, and Blacklisted steps after the second time.

There is an nTOPAZ Coordinator that guides you.
Coordinator group (@smeralda, @adamada, @cafeconleche, @potatosauce)

Thank you for your attention!!

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The protection of copyright means that creativity is limited on the other hand.
So, can creative work be developed in a controlled environment? We don't think so.

I would like to clarify our position, since by reading this, its clear its not understood and that you are misinterpreting the position of Jaguar Force.

We do not protect copyright, we do not enforce copyright laws and we do not agree with copyright laws in general precisely because of what you are saying in the text quoted. We believe that copyright laws stagnate creativity and innovation.

Jaguar Force is NOT about copyright, Jaguar Force is all about fighting deception not about enforcing copyright.

When we ask users to cite the sources of the texts/images/videos they post, this is only so that they clearly denote that something is not theirs, when we ask users to cite and show the sources of their art, as for example when they are copying somebody elses photograph/drawing(s) is only so that curators/viewers see what part of the final work's creativity comes from the user and what part they took from somewhere else, how they transformed it, what they added, so that curators/viewers can assess and discern the value that the user added to the final work and what part comes from the sources used, so that curators can reward the work accordingly, not because we want to enforce copyright laws.

In short: Jaguar force is about preventing the deception of the curators and users of this platform

We will make a post shorty about this issue, so that everyone knows clearly where we stand in this regard.


Glad to see you are really trying to make your point clear and that you are not just on a witchhunt, like many of my friends and I were led to assume in the beginning of this often heated debate.

In short: Jaguar force is about preventing the deception of the curators and users of this platform

finally a statement, to which I think most of our fellow steemians could relate to. The question remains, what is the best way to go about it. I have told you on more than one occasion, that I always try to see the different positions, and although I naturally feel closer to my friends in the artist community, I also want to understand, where you come from.

In my humble opinion, part of the problem is, that many perceive you like some kind of drill sergeant from a bootcamp. So, communication and perception might be quite an issue here. I was once told, that only 30% of communication is made of words, the rest is tone of voice, speed of speech, level, gesture and so on.... doh! So, what are you going to do, when its all in writing?

I'm starting to wonder if you are really aware of how you come across. While I think you just want to appear neutral and fact oriented, a lot of people are alienated, because to them you appear aggressive. So, everyone digs their trenches and gets ready to fire back at you.

I have said that before and I believe it even more today. Your intentions are right, but you need to work with the community, not against it, in order to make a necessary change. The world is full of things we don't like, injustice and wrong doing everywhere. Whenever I get frustrated about it, Gandhi comes to mind, who supposedly said: "You have to be the change you want to see in the world". Why don't we all try together?


Throughout history, anyone who accepts the challenge of doing "dirty work" in deregulated systems will always be labeled as inopportune, insensitive and an enemy of the system. The reason: the search for freedom and to do what we like. But behold, this "doing" has to go through the sieve of the right and that is where the dilemma lies: what is the right thing?

As a community of creators and curators, we are pleased that there are people like @jaguar.force, without it, the pretended "originality" that we want to sell to those who are not part of the platform, would not materialize and investors would see it as a risk to invest in a place where those who strive to deliver quality are not respected.

From @engranaje we applaud the challenge to make #Steem a respectable blockchain.


Jaguar force is about preventing the deception of the curators and users of this platform

Does your scope only cover art posts? Or do you plan on expanding on writing posts?
Was it necessary to make several posts about a single user rather than post a single compilation post about the accused in question? There's no need to recycle the same topic if a single post can cover a single user's progress.


Hi @adamada, Our scope includes all kinds of plagiarism and abuse, I invite you to open and read our profile page, in it you will find 22 cases of written plagiarism, although we have reported well over 100 cases of that type of plagiarism.
We decided early on to make posts on a one case per post basis so that each case is self contained in its correspondent post and the posts are kept short. As we find new cases by the same user we make new posts detailing the previous cases so as to contextualize the case. So yes, it was necessary in many cases as we initially found one case and after looking deeper we found more and more cases. I hope that covers your question and if you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact us.

I find the suggestions of what is allowed and what not, to be fair and crystal in the logic and aim @ntopaz has as a platform:) Mentioning the source of your inspiration is not a big deal and is the just thing to do. There are artists in the community who are admired for the skill in creating and presenting their process through videos. It will be a big loss if they get discouraged to keep on posting because of some past mistakes. I am sure this post will encourage them to keep on creating but this time with a source and author added. Also i want to mention that i really enjoy the friendly and very supportive atmosphere of the platform. I enjoy seeing very beautiful works from the artists, the curators are active, fair and have a sharp eye and there is a lot of support in the discord channel. Sadly the last few days this enjoyable experience of creating presenting and socialising is a little ruined for me after seeing a certain account policing around the artists community and talking to them as if they were criminals. I know this is not an @ntopaz thing but it has to do with the artists and in this way effects it. I support mechanisms that defend the community from plagiarism and malicious activities but to be done with grace and finesse. Not in a brutal way where you put a title Plagiarist and the name of the artist, or threaten him by saying i will make a post of you next. This is sick and also ineffective in making artists follow the rules in the future.


Well said. Well said


Thank you:)


If you dont like our approach and/or would like it to be done with more grace and finesse, you are free to start your own cleaning group and do it yourself.

This is sick and also ineffective in making artists follow the rules in the future.

Open your eyes and look above, it actually worked. Have a wonderful day Sir.


who is "we" and "our" ? You are a self-appointed wanna-be that unfortunately is tolerated on steemcleaner (and I told them I lost repect for them because of it), but banned on other services that made it quite clear they don't need you. And upvoting your comment yourself is pathetic (because nobody else here would).


"We" is the members of Jaguar Force, here you can find out more about who we are and what we are all about, "our" is self-explanatory.
The fact that we were banned by 2 of the hundreds of discord channels that we are in, is irrelevant and marginal, and if you must know, even in those 2 servers we are very much listened to, one is ntopaz, which if you have eyes to see just instituted exactly the rules we were advocating for. And finally upvoting a comment for visibility is a common practice. BTW, here you can find out more about our recent expansion (much of it thanks to your obtuse comments).
Have a great day and thank you very much for your opinion sir.

Thank you for your clear statement @ntopaz

We support real artists and do not handle them like a criminal. This drama should be over soon, let’s focusing on growing the platform and support users.

There are not just black and white in this world, to find a good compromise is the best way to handle problems

@georgeboya I think you hit some really good points here that need serious consideration. I have seen this type of action as well. I am one who likes to have all of the cards on the table, all of the perspective, views, proof, and facts laid out before making any decisions. I think it’s always wise to get multiple points of you unless of course it’s blatantly obvious.

I also love the support on the discord as well. This is a really great platform just needing some tweaking and full support from everyone. I love my experience here on ntopaz and can’t wait to be able to be more than just a small delegator and creative contributor.

See all you creatives around!


I am glad to see more likeminded people:)

Excellent, Jaguar Force completely backs the ideas expressed in this post and is extremely pleased with the development. Resteemed!!

Thanks for this new guide we will continue working according to this.


Thanks for this new guide
We will continue working
According to this.

                 - potatosauce

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Excellent information, unknown nTOPAZ platform.

A much needed guidance. Glad this was posted and clarified so those that do not know boundaries now have something to go by. I personally HATE copyright infringements.

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Thank you for all this work that you made for all the people that want to use the platform to share their art! You're awesome @ntopaz family!

Thank you for this post and for taking a clear position with your guidelines.

I agree completely with what you are saying about creativity and too much control. Any decent artist would! Although I am not so sure, how simply respecting copyright would necessarily be a limiting factor. To me, that appears like saying, riding a motorcycle is no fun, when I have to respect traffic rules...

But with all the heated debate, it looks like real progress has been made. We all understand now, that copyright is a serious issue, but like @thermoplastic said on several occasions, it is also extremely complex and often difficult to decide, where the boundaries are. It is commonly acknowledged, that copying is a valid way to develop ones skills as an artist, but there is also nothing wrong with asking users to be open about it and list their sources.

Essentially all the things you say in your post sum up, to what the majority of the artists around here would agree upon. And I am happy to see, that jaguar.force agrees as well. In fact, they might have been the thunderstorm necessary to clean the air after all.