WATERCOLOR ART : Dandelion in Front of the Wind.

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ntopaz-image-0This is my entry. The picture was painted by me in watercolor. My painting depicts dandelions that are blooming and beautiful in the wind. A lightness and sophistication. Flowers are spherical, white, dispersed by seeds by wind. Those little flowers are not showy, but they are spread by seeds so they are never alone. Never see a dandelion - a dandelion flower, but a dandelion carpet someone spreads on a green grass on a sunny spring day.

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Hi @onlyc123, please note the comment of @coordinator and also you have to do a photographs under 90 degree so that we could see the picture properly. This photo is invalid to take part in the contest,

Hi, thanks for participating. For your entry to be valid, you must comply with the rules of the contest, I invite you to read them: Watercolour Art:

2- Some process photos must be included to validate your artwork.

Failure to comply with the rules may be considered abuse, please keep it in mind for your next post.

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