Delphic Epsilon, Handmade jewelry @Santorini

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1>According to reports of Plutarch, the “E” is a symbol for the initiated and forbidden for the uninitiated. As a number, in the Greek alphabet, is the number 5 and refers to the five elements of cosmogony (air – water – fire – earth – and ether), always assuming that our world is one, as Aristotle was advocated.
Ιf we consider as a fact the existence of many worlds (universes), as many modern theories say and first Plato had argued, then these worlds are 5!
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I am Greek and my religion neels infront of 12 ancient gods.
Everyone has the oportunity and free will to believe any religion, or even in none of them.
In my mind, my thoughts, my life and my beliefs, this relifion is more close to me. Anyway.

This is one of my presious pieces in my collection with handmade art. DELPHIC EPSILON - Sygnature of Apollon, god of music, poetry and many more.

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A piece of art with high symbolic value:)

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Thank you very much. I always try not to forget our history and of course don't leave any oportunity to claim pieces with symbolic value.

You know it's more important to gather art pieces with meaning and hidden messages even if the price is too low, than claim a piece o art with high price and popularity, but without "soul".

Me gusta esta pieza artística @otsouvalas, la "E" es la letra con la que comienza mi primer nombre, el mago de escalas superiores siempre está trabajando con los cinco elementos de la naturaleza


Not even the letter E, but every single letter from ancient (and modern) Greek language have a hidden meaning. And this is not the only thing.
Greek Alphabet is a prayer to Zeus.