Homeless hope

2년 전

ntopaz-image-0Mr Alan. Homeless but with friendly heart.

I want to write so many feeling for this human. Yes I spoke with him. Many hours. Tried to help hem (with any help I could) He never accepted money. And many times, when I gave him food, he kept it. kept it but not only for him. He always shared anything you give him with other homeless people. This is honoured from me.

This is one of my many captures. This is why I really love street photography. And not because I can capture those people, but because I have the opportunity to learn from those people.

Thank you very much.

Tsouvalas Odysseas

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Very sad story! Thanks for sharing with us!


Dear @oppongk The sad point of this is that there are so many helpless people on the streets. I am not homeless, have something to eat, something to put in order not to be cold, buy coffee and candies and much more. One big part of my life is with them. As an art photographer, I spend many hours with them trying to learn their lives, their daily routine but mostly learn how could I help them.

I figured it that most of them do not want money but a hand of help. They do not want anything free, but they want to fight for their lives. They are warriors even if you, we, they cannot see it. I tried, am trying and will try with my projects to reveal their lives in order to wake everyone up. They do not want us to fear them, but to show them they are not garbage.

Thank you for passing by.