" Please... Help... "

2년 전

ntopaz-image-0Athens. 31 May 2019. Early morning. I was walking, going to my studio in order to start one more daily routine.

A man looked through my eyes. He asked my help. He was a homeless. To be honnest, my thoughts were around of helping him or not.
I came close to him. looked around in order to find what was going on.
Found some blood, but nothing else.
With no losing time came close to him.
Called police and of course ambulance.
Few hours later, mr Andreas was not anymore with us.

"Thank you" was his last words to me.

Farewell my, friend.

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Do you know what happened to him, causing the blood? The Thank You was the only thing he was able to give and he gave it to you with all his remaining life. This is so sad and touching. The highlights of the image is drawing you into the scene and only your imagination can reveal was going on there not too long ago.


He was one of the many homeless here in Athens.
A group of not Greek people made a pass at night and found that he had some money with him. The blood was from him. Doctors said that he had many crushed bones and the death was the only sure thing. Thank you, everyone, for your replies.

Hope he found his path to heaven.

So sad story of this. The dark explains everything what happened that day. Sorrowful and miserable tone is delivered to us. That is tragedy. Messy street maybe the hardest to endure for him. God bless him. Thank you for sharing ~~


I am a street artist. Darkness is mainly part of my life.

God bless him.


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Please reply in English. Thank you btw