My watercolour painting artwork.

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ntopaz-image-0Hi friends good evening this is Raghao Singh, and yes I am from India. Friends today I am making another wonderful watercolour painting and this is a beautiful painting where I tried to capture the cukkoo bird singing on a tree and spreading the message of love. So it's a beautiful message for everyone on the beautiful earth. Friends I try my best to get some closer views of our Mother Nature and it’s always an awesome experience for me when I made something interesting and beautiful with the watercolour and brush.

Here below I am adding the complete making process of this watercolour painting and I think you will find the complete awesome view of this beautiful and colourful hibiscus or shoe flower.



My dear friends share your beautiful reviews and suggestions on my artwork as it’s always an interesting experience to hear from you.

Thank you.

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Beautiful!! great job @raghao!!! :D

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Awesome! A bit looks like a far eastern paintin style. Space, hardbrush stroke, simple color and philosophical way of painting. It is so impressvie to express an eastern idea by the western way of painting. You are talented. Astonishing! Show us more. I will stay tuned ~~~