How is it in Nepal now?


ntopaz-image-0As we all know winter means cold but this year its freezing cold. The water is untouchable in the morning and night as your hand will feel cold burns. Today the weather reached to 8°C in the afternoon. The cold is unbearable also because of the continuous rain since last 3days. Somehow, we can clearly feel the wheather getting different drastically in these few years. It has never rained like this in winter before (it used to rain but only for a day) but this time its not stopping. We are more scared of the weather tomorrow than today. But, there are also places where snowfall has taken place and people are travelling to enjoy it. Finally, I would want to say "Happy Winter, Happy Holidays".

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Been a while friend. Sorry, that's what nature can do. We can't control it but we can take some measures to avoid them causing dameges to us.

  ·  작년

Not feeling well lately. And yes what you said is true