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Hi! We have compiled and updated the previous guides of @nTopaz to continue supporting our artists. Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Coordinator Team, nTopaz.💎


nTopaz Posting Guidelines

nTopaz is a talented based social talent-contents platform that began with the belief that we will feel truly happy when our natural talents are fully developed and released, and when we find our identity through them.

In order to keep the original intent, we would like to define the nature of this platform's contents and keep it fair and healthy.

We hope everyone involved will work together to meet this original purpose and goal. Thank you for your sympathy and cooperation.

1. Service Language

nTopaz aims for a global platform with talents from around the world. As a rule, write the post title and your nTopaz profile in English.

In addition, Google translation service is provided for descriptions post and comments. Therefore, you can to use your own language.

2. Content Category

nTopaz’s content category is all about artist-centric talent, including images, photos and videos.

    2-1. Art.
    2-2. Design.
    2-3. Photo.
    2-4. Music.
    2-5. Dance.
    2-6. Entertainment.

nTOPAZ wants the following content:

    ♣ Content that inspires and heals people who see it with great talent and creativity.
    ♣ Collaboration content based on a variety of challenges and experimental spirit.
    ♣ Content that want to see, want to hear, want to buy, and want to learn (foundation of talent commercialization).
    ♣ Bright energy and positive message content.

3. Platform Configuration

The nTopaz platform consists of contest and general-creation and curation.

    3-1. Contest[CO]: Competition and awarding methods for a given period of time through a set theme.
    3-2. General-Creation[CR]: Entries free creative activities regardless of theme.
    3-3. Curation[CU]: Introductory Artwork( Specify the origin and creator and appreciation is mandatory).

4. Ranking Score Calculation Criteria

Entries are scored and ranked according to the nTopaz’s criteria.

    4-1. Score Configuration: 1 Respect = (2~10pts) → According to TOPAZ level, 1 SBD = 10 points, 1 comment = 1 point.
    4-2. Calculation Criteria: Voting bot, External voting and Self-voting are not included in the scoring.

★ Self-voting is allowed and will be excluded only when calculating the ranking score.

TOPAZ Level System

5. Voting Evaluation Criteria

For outstanding works, nTopaz has a reward for creation and curation.

    5-1 Sixty percent (60%) of the total expendable voting power is supported to Daily TOP 10 from CR + CU with voting weight 60%.
    5-2 Thirty percent (30%) of the total expendable voting power is supported to Total 14-20 from CO > CR+CU (CO has priority) with voting weight 35%.
    5-3 Ten percent (10%) of the total expendable voting power is supported to excellent comments with voting weight 5%.
    The ratio above may change depending on the Steem Power and Price.
    5-4. Contest winners get separate rewards (Topaz Token).
    Evaluation Criteria: Ranking score (50%) + Inside of nTopaz review (50%)

★ Ranking by Respect Score. Execution: Everyday 03:01(UTC base)

6. Plagiarism and Copyright

    6-1 Content that copies another person's work and posts it as if it was his/her own. If you have practiced copying another person's work, you must specify the author and source.
    It doesn’t mean inspiration, but just copying.
    6-2 If you are quoting some of the contents, you must indicate a quotation mark.
    6-3 For the curations [CU], the origin and the creator must be specified, and above all, your appreciation is mandatory.

★ Please bear in mind that the user is responsible for all legal liabilities in case of copyright infringement.

7. Quality of content

nTopaz is a content platform that empowers and inspires talented people by developing their talents through good competition and sharing beautiful works.

Therefore, the works submitted must meet the following content management standards:

    7-1. Contest entries [CO] are limited to your own creations.
    7-2. Curation entries [CU] must specify the original creator, source and review.
    7-3. Entries that are not related to the subject of the contest are limited.
    7-4. Do not upload not safe for work content: this includes sexually explicit images (provocative content reminiscent of sexual activity), excess violence, politically oriented art, and gore.
    In case of a simple nude, the boundaries between art and obscenity are ambiguous; the majority opinion within the team is based.
    7-5. Memes and irrelevant posts are not allowed.
    7-6. A consistent gloomy atmosphere or distasteful content is not allowed.
    7-7. Low Quality content (To be regarded as lacking in talent or sincerity). Do not use low-quality images, photos and screenshots.

★Please note that content that violates the above standards may be blinded on the nTopaz platform, and activities on nTopaz may be limited.

8. Inactivation or Blacklist

nTopaz manages the temporary inactivation and blacklist to maintain a fair, high-quality community platform.
[see below cases]

    8-1. Repeated plagiarism of content.
    8-2. Keep uploading low-level content.
    8-3. Repeatedly post comments such as copy & paste, etc.
    8-4. Post work previously uploaded to nTopaz platform.
    8-4. Vote-Farming content through multiple accounts.
    8-5. Manipulate ranking chart (Daily Top).
    8-6. Spam: intentional publishing of works without any significant change in content in subsequent posts.
    8-7. Toxic behavior: negative attitude towards community members.

★ But, everyone can make one mistake.

A verbal guide to one mistake, whether it was in the past or present, and a limitation criterion is applied to the activity in the 7 days inactive, 30 days inactive, and Blacklisted steps after the second time.

There is an nTOPAZ Coordinator that guides you.

Coordinator team: @smeralda, @adamada, @cafeconleche, @potatosauce

Compilation and update of previous guides. Authorized by @nTopaz


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Perfect and clear notice about the guidelines @smeralda and coordination team. Your update brought new and valuable information to our artists:)


I appreciate your words Dear @georgeboya! We hope to guide our artists and support the growth of nTopaz, it's good to have you in our team =)

Valuable and timely information, thanks for sharing

Amazing platform for Grow new bees who have talent..


oh thank you so much @tussar! We hope the artists develop their talents and share them with us!

excelente!" muchas gracias


Es un gusto apoyar @nahupuku! =)


:D súper!

This is good to see @smeralda but does it mean I should only upload art things that are part of the contests? As I usually share my own artwork for myself and client etc. Is that still okay? I'd love to do contests more, but I've just not the time at present, but would gladly do some in the future.


Hi @donnadavisart, General section [CR] is free choise, don't worry. ❤️ For contest [CO] the works must be associated to the specified subject. I hope soon you have free time to participate in some contest 😊