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Wow amazing artwork @stahlberg You are a Master of anatomy

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Nice rendering, @stahlberg! :-D

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Your artwork is always gorgeous man, I never get tired of seeing it multiple times ;)

Thanks for sharing, best regards.

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Well said Gabriel García Marquez: "One learns to write by writing" Keep trying, you will soon achieve excellence!

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There was a time I was using most 3d software, Maya, Max, and ... (it's a time-consuming work) You did a really great job! high quality work :)

Wonderful work as is all your work.

Are the ribby bits really that deep? I’m going to have to dig up the anatomy book I got for Christmas 😆

Nice pose and choice of angle 🙂

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no it's a bit exaggerated :)

Oh saw this one on instagram a couple of hours ago hehe, really nice work @stahlberg!! 👨‍🎨

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